Monday, December 17, 2012

Sam Graduated!

Last Friday Sam graduated from A&M! WHOOP!
My parents and their fourth to leave the nest! Only three more plates to break Dad;)
My Mom got a huge kick out of ordering a smoked pig for the after party. A whole pig.  Complete with an apple in it's mouth. Big hit, but totally gross. 
Sam and his roommate Kyle. (Who is also Sarah's boyfriend.)
Sam got a job (!!!) in Marshall and will be moving at the beginning of the year. He's a mechanical engineer, Aggie grad, in general an all round genius.  Kristen, maybe your brother needs a new friend? 

Meri and Otto did great during the ceremony, Otto thought yelling for the graduates was fantastic. 
My sister's made Sam's favorite cookies (we use Frosted Flakes), and Otto loved them. He snuck several of the red hots before my Mom fed him an entire 10:00pm. Needless to say, bedtime was super fun. I'm sure my Mom was just returning some past favor. But still, ugh!
Post cookie(s), going nuts on my cousin Jacob. 
The final three! 
Meredith was a total doll and hammed it up during the family photo session. 
Two of her favorite people!
My three brothers. All single ladies, and the two on the left have real jobs and are capable of doing laundry, give the 17 year old a few more years;) 

In other news, Abbey continues to do a great job managing her diabetes. Quite the expert on blood sugar checks, and administering her insulin. She's a beast!
Fun weekend seeing family, and we get to repeat it next weekend too! Yay!


  1. Your photographer is a sweetheart!
    I'll see you at your place on Friday. :D

  2. Go Abbey! You don't know me but I found this post from Butterfly Chaser Photography (I follow her photo blog bc I LOVE LOVE LOVE her photos). But, I wanted to post on here the same thing I posted on her blog.

    "Wow I am so glad she is doing better! Very scary BS levels but I can tell she is a trooper and will handle her diabetes so well. I, too, very recently found out that I am Type 1 Diabetic. I am 26 years old and it does not run in my family, nor was there a specific 'virus' that happened around the time it developed. Such a strange disorder. After 3 months my A1c was very much in the normal range again and I know your Abbey's will be too. :) I went through the trials of insulin through syringes/vials, then moved to pen needles and am now on the pump and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I chose the Omnipod pump. It is probably a lot of information for her and your family right now. Just know that you have to figure out what works best for Abbey and that can be slightly different for so many people. We adjusted my insulin amount and carb count several times before finally getting it exactly wear it needs to be. Take notes and communicate with your doctor often. It looks like she has great support. :) Let her know that if she EVER needs advice/opinions/support. I am very open about my Type 1 and would love to communicate. More importantly make sure she knows that everything WILL be okay and she will be able to live a VERY normal life, very easily. You can read about my story that took me quite a while to brave to write. I am now much more comfortable talking about everything. Here:"

    If you guys, or Abbey, ever need anyone to talk with, I would love to share more of my experience with Type 1.