Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Penguin Power

Poor Otto has really drawn the short straw this month. He got the worst of the sickness that we all had at the beginning of the month, and over the last few days has developed a nasty cough. It turned into a yucky wet wheeze yesterday that earned us an express trip to the pediatrician this morning. Otto was pretty darn excited to get to go the the doctor's. (For real, he loves going.)

The on-call pediatrician classified his problem as Reactive Airway Disease, which is general term for anything that isn't asthma, but causes bronchial constriction. Possibly brought on by an allergen or the weather change? Our tough guy got a breathing treatment while we were there that "Made him sound like a different kid." according the the doctor. We came home the new owners of a sadly cute penguin nebulizer.
Otto has done fairly well tolerating the ten minutes of sitting still required for a breathing treatment, and he definitely feels better when it's done. The plan is just to use our new little cold weather friend several times in the next few days until this chest congestion clears up, then go on about our merry way. Hopefully that's what we do, cross your fingers that we can convince Otto to hold still that long! And if he continues to have breathing issues I'm going to talk Chris into getting a chihuahua;)

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