Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Otto is ridiculously fun.  He's a hot mess most of the time, and can destroy a room in an impressively short period, but he's just so entertaining right now!

This is his latest face. It's how he responds to obeying when he doesn't want to, because closing his eyes while completing the requested action somehow makes it happen on his terms.
After seeing this picture, I realize that the haircut he's been begging for over the last few days is probably a good idea.

He told me that his fingernails, that he learned to bite today, taste like steak. What was I supposed to say to that?!

This is our fridge calendar. It's dry erase and I found him under the dining table last week with the marker. I didn't realize until after I had rehung it that he was adding 'numbers' to all the days.
He's an odd duck sometimes, but he's our odd duck and just gets cooler by the day!

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  1. The test of obedience is that it is done quickly, cheerfully& completely . ( nothing was ever mentioned about eyes open) : D
    <3 that duckling!