Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jumperoo Fun

Meredith loves the jumperoo. Otto thought it was fun and enjoyed it, but it's Meri's favorite toy by far.  
I mean, she big fat puffy hearts, with a couple of smiley faces thrown in, loves it. The picture on the far right just kills me, wild child!
She may be little, but can get some major air!
When I walked by the jumperoo while holding her this morning she geeked out and practically threw herself at it; this toy in a winner for sure.
And when she's not working on her high jumps, she spins around figuring out all the attached toys. The tongue is a Weldy trait, and while it has caused some issues with feeding, it is super cute when she's concentrating. 
A picture of her teeth! 

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  1. Meri Mae is such a bright spot!! Could you bring the jumperoo when you come for Christmas? We can challenge Michael with the air space.... :D