Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big Girl Skills

So we're still down for the count. Chris and Meredith have succumbed to the germs going around, boo. Otto is started to feel more like himself and has done a great job with his penguin treatments. We've been watching LOTS of Finding Nemo and vegging out. The plan is for everyone to be healthy by Thursday (when we go out of town for a wedding--eek!) but while we recover, check out Miss Meri's latest skill!
Best part of this video? Otto telling me he needs me to do his laundry. I think we need to teach boy a few new skills...;)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Penguin Power

Poor Otto has really drawn the short straw this month. He got the worst of the sickness that we all had at the beginning of the month, and over the last few days has developed a nasty cough. It turned into a yucky wet wheeze yesterday that earned us an express trip to the pediatrician this morning. Otto was pretty darn excited to get to go the the doctor's. (For real, he loves going.)

The on-call pediatrician classified his problem as Reactive Airway Disease, which is general term for anything that isn't asthma, but causes bronchial constriction. Possibly brought on by an allergen or the weather change? Our tough guy got a breathing treatment while we were there that "Made him sound like a different kid." according the the doctor. We came home the new owners of a sadly cute penguin nebulizer.
Otto has done fairly well tolerating the ten minutes of sitting still required for a breathing treatment, and he definitely feels better when it's done. The plan is just to use our new little cold weather friend several times in the next few days until this chest congestion clears up, then go on about our merry way. Hopefully that's what we do, cross your fingers that we can convince Otto to hold still that long! And if he continues to have breathing issues I'm going to talk Chris into getting a chihuahua;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Very Merry (White) Christmas

Meredith's first Christmas was a white Christmas! So much fun! Definitely put the proverbial icing on a wonderful day. 

After a slow morning of opening presents and watching the munchkin's new copy of Finding Nemo, we bundled up and ventured out to inspect the, "Snowies! The grass is snowing!".
Meri lasted just long enough for a picture, it was cold. Otto would have stayed outside all afternoon, but he has a pretty serious cough right now so I offered a bribe of hot chocolate to bring him back indoors.

Tonight's weather prediction is a hard freeze, which should mean that we'll have another day to enjoy the snow, we will see!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sam Graduated!

Last Friday Sam graduated from A&M! WHOOP!
My parents and their fourth to leave the nest! Only three more plates to break Dad;)
My Mom got a huge kick out of ordering a smoked pig for the after party. A whole pig.  Complete with an apple in it's mouth. Big hit, but totally gross. 
Sam and his roommate Kyle. (Who is also Sarah's boyfriend.)
Sam got a job (!!!) in Marshall and will be moving at the beginning of the year. He's a mechanical engineer, Aggie grad, in general an all round genius.  Kristen, maybe your brother needs a new friend? 

Meri and Otto did great during the ceremony, Otto thought yelling for the graduates was fantastic. 
My sister's made Sam's favorite cookies (we use Frosted Flakes), and Otto loved them. He snuck several of the red hots before my Mom fed him an entire 10:00pm. Needless to say, bedtime was super fun. I'm sure my Mom was just returning some past favor. But still, ugh!
Post cookie(s), going nuts on my cousin Jacob. 
The final three! 
Meredith was a total doll and hammed it up during the family photo session. 
Two of her favorite people!
My three brothers. All single ladies, and the two on the left have real jobs and are capable of doing laundry, give the 17 year old a few more years;) 

In other news, Abbey continues to do a great job managing her diabetes. Quite the expert on blood sugar checks, and administering her insulin. She's a beast!
Fun weekend seeing family, and we get to repeat it next weekend too! Yay!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Have Had the Plague

The past week has been rough. Full of head congestion and slime and fevers, definitely a few days I don't want to repeat. There are four kinds of juice and antibiotics in the fridge right now:( Thankfully, both the little people have perked up a little this afternoon, hopefully this means that we are over it!
Poor Meri  has had her first real taste of the dreaded bulb suction, and she hated it. Medicine is also not her thing, getting her to take ibuprofen to get her fever to come down was a nightmare. We did learn that acteminiphen doesn't help as much and that ibuprofen gives her super powers; she stayed up until 1:00am, twice!
Otto, even though he was miserable too, did his best to cheer her up. Giving her toys...
...and taking them away. 
Katie, this one is just for you;) And while we are having problems with using a tissue, he was pretending when I took this. It's funny to do things that involve germs and Mom freaking out. Yet another gem to show any and all future girlfriends. 
I'm feeling better too, and Chris *fingers crossed* has managed to avoid it. He had finals this week and into next so hopefully he stays healthy and can get some study time in--a house full of sick people don't help with that!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jumperoo Fun

Meredith loves the jumperoo. Otto thought it was fun and enjoyed it, but it's Meri's favorite toy by far.  
I mean, she big fat puffy hearts, with a couple of smiley faces thrown in, loves it. The picture on the far right just kills me, wild child!
She may be little, but can get some major air!
When I walked by the jumperoo while holding her this morning she geeked out and practically threw herself at it; this toy in a winner for sure.
And when she's not working on her high jumps, she spins around figuring out all the attached toys. The tongue is a Weldy trait, and while it has caused some issues with feeding, it is super cute when she's concentrating. 
A picture of her teeth! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Otto is ridiculously fun.  He's a hot mess most of the time, and can destroy a room in an impressively short period, but he's just so entertaining right now!

This is his latest face. It's how he responds to obeying when he doesn't want to, because closing his eyes while completing the requested action somehow makes it happen on his terms.
After seeing this picture, I realize that the haircut he's been begging for over the last few days is probably a good idea.

He told me that his fingernails, that he learned to bite today, taste like steak. What was I supposed to say to that?!

This is our fridge calendar. It's dry erase and I found him under the dining table last week with the marker. I didn't realize until after I had rehung it that he was adding 'numbers' to all the days.
He's an odd duck sometimes, but he's our odd duck and just gets cooler by the day!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meredith is Seven Months Old!

Our sweet girl keeps getting bigger! Seven months today and modeling a Christmas dress barefooted because it was in the low eighties. Beautiful weather for sure, just not what you expect on the first day of December. 
Our Meri continues to be a people pleaser, and is happy about ninety percent of her day. I think we might *fingers crossed* finally be on a two nap schedule, but she is just so content and will sleep when she needs to it's hard to respect her sleep schedule sometimes. But she definitely does better at night when naps are at ten and two, so Otto and I are trying our best to not interrupt her then. Bedtime in roughly 7:00pm, and after a dream feed at 10:30 she sleeps until 7:30ish. I'm a fan, huge fan. She has started sleeping on her stomach though, and that's not so cool but no matter how many times we flip her over she rolls right back.  Because of this the swaddle is gone which she had no problems with:) 
Daddy is still one of her BFF's. 
And Otto is her biggest hero. The things she let's him get away with astound me. Blow raspberries on her face? Sure. Steam roll her in an attempt to give her a hug? Loves it! 
He's also a big distraction when we try to take pictures. 
Her hair is really starting to fill in and we have to pin it back at meal times. This girl might be getting a ridiculous amount of hair accessories in her stocking this year. It's still decidedly straight and will only part one way. I've tried blowdrying it into a different style, but nope, it goes right back.
She got two teeth last month (on the same day!) and started solids, which she loves. As of today, she has eaten her way through two sweet potatoes, a butternut squash, half a yellow squash, half a box of baby oatmeal, and a sample of peas, green beans, banana, applesauce, and avocado. The banana and avocado were not favorites, but everything else has been a hit. She prefers eating real food to drinking a bottle I think, and does a pretty decent job actually swallowing what is on the spoon. Her tongue gets in the way quite a bit, and was probably the culprit for the whole nursing debacle too. Her fingers work terriffically though, and she thinks catching puffs and using drool to turn them into goo is great fun. She uses a textbook pincher grasp. 
Her hands (and most other body parts) are ticklish which makes cleaning up after an eating adventure hilarious. Currently, she eats twice a day, oatmeal in the morning with applesauce, and a veggie at dinner. This month we're going to bring on the green veggies and a few more fruits. She's a keeper for sure! We love our Meri girl!