Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Update

So, this happened yesterday. 

Hannah was in town and went with me, thus the video. Ten inches in one chop. It ended up looking like this:
My hair was in bad shape, and I just don't have time to mess with long hair right now, so a mom hair it is. I'm still trying to come around to it, the finished product is pretty boxy when I wanted more of a swing bob. I guess telling the stylist not to give me a reverse mullet wasn't a good idea; he went a little to extreme the other way, it's pretty unimaginative and square. The initial chop had much better shape. In a week if I still haven't adjusted, I might find someone to reshape it a little. 

Chris is at the Cowboy's game with my Dad and little brother, Michael, today! I keep getting pictures like this:) 
The babies and I are trying to get organized for next week, and have the game on in the background but man, the Cowboy's kinda stink. But we hope the guys are having a great time hanging out and checking out Jerry's stadium!

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