Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Visiting Abbey

Today the babies, Michael, and I headed to the hospital to visit our favorite patient! (Traffic was incredibly smooth, which is unheard of on our route across the metroplex. We drove through the worst traffic jam in the nation during rush hour and only slowed down once. )
I included the above picture because I want you to remember that Michael really is a normal looking guy. Handsome even. Okay, remember that I got a haircut a few days ago? The stylist sent the ten inch pony tail that he cut off home with me and it's been sitting on the counter waiting for me to find a pinterest project that required human hair. (Ha! Not really...well, maybe.) Anyway, Chris was laughing at me last night and called it a rat tail. You should have seen the light bulbs going off above Michael and my heads. Rat tail?! DONE!
Business in the front, party in the back.
We attached it with a rubber band, and Michael marched through the hospital carrying Abbey's pink zebra back pack. The things this guy will do for a laugh:)

And Abbey did laugh so it was worth it!
Abbey is still working up to giving herself injections, but has been able to check her blood sugar via finger prick. She has been diagnosed as a type one diabetic, and will have to become proficient at checking her levels and administering the needed insulin, and she will! Right now Dad is helping her with it:) 

Right now we have our fingers crossed for a Friday discharge, and today she got to change into real clothes! Michael also took her cell phone to her, maybe she will feel up to texting soon.  

Otto and Meri were thrilled to see everyone, and Otto was very, very impressed by the HUGE model train exhibit in the hospital lobby. It put Thomas movies to shame! (After we left Abbey walked down to see it too!) 
My parents are holding up well, both are tired and still in 'fix-it' mode. I'm sure when they finally make it home the real exhaustion will set in, prayers for endurance are greatly appreciated. 
Meredith loves Aunt Abbey!
And for my record keeping, Meredith got her first AND second tooth today! Both bottom centrals finally popped through the gums! Yay Meri! And a dinner she mastered actually swallowing when food is put in her mouth. Such a big kid!

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