Sunday, November 25, 2012

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UPDATE ON ABBEY: She is doing so well! Adjusting to monitoring her carbohydrate intake and meal planning, but doing great! I just got off the phone with her and she sounded 100% back to Abbey. Her birthday is tomorrow, and she is planning on having pumpkin pie for breakfast. It's one of her favorites and has 57 grams of carbohydrates per serving and she is allotted 60 per meal:) 


Okay so you all know that I have a fabric problem. Something about it's potential just draws me, going into JoAnn's makes me giddy, so many pretty, pretty things! I'm the same way in Office Depot. Very strange I know, please remember I was homeschooled and haven't been able to shake it completely. 

Anyways, my fabric problem. It's nuts--I buy fabric everywhere, garage sales, online, the aforementioned JoAnn's--and my laundry/craft room is hurting because of it. So I started a little ETSY shop to force myself to finish some projects instead of just planning new ones. Granted, that only gave me a free pass to buy more fabric, but whatever, I'm just going to pretended like it's helping.    

Here's my little shop: 
And it's done well! Apparently if you put things up for sale on the internet people will buy them! It was a little overwhelming the first week and I had to go on 'vacation' status to get my orders out on time. SO cool! Over the last month I've made enough to buy half of a much wanted serger, and on Friday Chris bought the other half as my Christmas present. Isn't he sweet to support my addiction hobby?!

I love her, I really do. (Obviously she's a she, my sewing machine is a dude.) She has allowed me to cut my production time in half! Now I make minimum wage!!
If you have special little girl in your life who needs a Christmas dress let me know! Click on over to the SHOP tab under the blog header. 


  1. Ok what exactly does the serger do? How necessary is it? One of these days when I get done I am going to try to sew more!

    1. Kristen! It's what finishes seams. If you flip a store bought garment inside out you'll see that the seams are clean and bound off by threads. Helps make your project more durable and look a little better. Also, I've heard that it makes sewing on knits easier, but I'm still too chicken to try!