Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She Smiles! And Eats!

Abbey continues to make great strides towards recovery. Hannah was able to come up from Bryan this afternoon and has been a very calming and proficient presence for my parents and Abbey. (Hannah is a speech pathologist and works daily in a hospital setting.)

Abbey is off the insulin drip, and is now being given scheduled insulin injections. She will need to master giving these to herself before being able to go home. Her blood sugar is stable in the 100's, which is terrific, and her pH is 7.35.
And she is finally allowed to eat! The nutritionist came in to explain meal options to Abbey and true to nature, Abbey strategically planned her allotted carbohydrates to get the most food possible. :) She managed to eat about 75% of this before getting nauseous. For breakfast she is having an omelet and eight whole grapes.
Her potassium levels are still low (2, and they want at least a 3.5), and she is dehydrated. This evening it took nine sticks and three nurses to get the needed blood:( Abbey is difficult to draw blood from on a good day, and while today is better, we're still not in good territory. The hope is by tomorrow she will be ready to downgrade out of the ICU.

My Mom and Dad are getting some sleep tonight at the Ronald McDonald house and Hannah is with Abbey. Israel is visiting in the evenings, but driving back and forth from Tyler to work during the day. Please pray that he will be alert and safe on the road? Michael is staying with us and both the munchkins are enjoying Uncle 'My-cool'.
He taught Otto how to operate the nozzle on the garden hose:)
And Abbey, don't worry, it's not all fun and games for Michael. I had him mow the yard this afternoon which included cleaning out a flower bed that had the potential of being filled with baby snakes, and currently he's up to his ears in physics homework with Chris...and you know Chris and physics; Michael looks a little green.

Love you sweet girl!

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