Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Abbey

My youngest sister, Abbey, is very very sick.
This morning, after several days of battling a very bad version of the flu, and a rough night that caused severe dehydration, she slipped into a coma caused by ketoacidosis. (Here's the wikipedia crash course.)

So instead of going to a scheduled doctor's appointment, she was taken to the ER. Michael carried her to the car, and Israel drove** while my Mom held Abbey. She was triaged and they brought her blood sugar down from 1051 to 533. She woke up before being CareFlighted to Children's in Dallas. My Mom flew with her and was met by our Aunt and Uncle.

They are purposely keeping her blood sugar close to 400 right now. (Normal fasting is not over 110) If it drops too quickly swelling can occur in her brain. When her blood pH is more balanced (currently 7.18 and we want at least 7.25), they will slowly start bringing her blood sugar down, hopefully by the morning as she is not allowed to eat or drink currently and is very thirsty.

We are thankful to live in a time of modern medicine, where hospitals are staffed with skilled doctors and nurses. According to the test results, we were very close to losing our Abbey, and while she is not out of the woods yet, she is much improved, coherent, and responding to those around her.
Opening her eyes! Go Abbey!
Please pray specifically for the staff treating Abbey, for my parents who are with her, and that her peripheral iv (that they are currently using to draw blood) will stay open so they won't have to start another.

Abbey has no history of diabetes, but has recently (last week) been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which might have played a part along with this virus in creating such a big problem.

Abbey, we love you so SO much. We are so glad you are a fighter and that your body was made to heal. Keep up the good work Pink Rat!

**And by drove, I mean, possibly went 100mph in the Jeep. And possibly past a police car that turned on his lights but never caught up. I'm fairly positive that she got to the hospital more quickly than an ambulance ever could have. Big brothers for the win.
(I will continue to update here and on my Facebook account. My parents are just a tad preoccupied right now, but are grateful for your prayers and thoughtful comments. They are reading them to Abbey so send her a message if you have a moment.)


  1. So many prayers for your sweet sister & your whole family. So scary but I am glad she seems to be improving. Get well soon Abbey!!!

  2. I found your blog through Butterfly Chaser on Facebook. (You don't know me and I don't know you!) I have 4 small kids - 1 boy and 3 girls... That sweet pic of Israel with Abbey made my heart melt because I could picture my son loving any of his younger sisters in that way. I am praying that Abbey would keep getting better and better. It sounds like you are already thankful this Thanksgiving season; I hope Abbey will be even further out of the woods by this Thursday. Blessings and prayers on you.

  3. Lydia,

    Thank you SO much for posting this. I shared with my family what is going on, we are all praying(an my family is prayer warriors) so Abbey will be well covered! I just cannot believe she is so sick and that yall are going through this. please let me know if you need anything. I can come up there this weekend, keep kids, entertain people, bring food... My sister already asked if the two of us should come up there and bring yall a care package!
    Praying for full healing and restoration! Freedom for Abbey from all affliction, including hyperthyroidism! Love yall!
    Kelli Kurachi

  4. my kids and i are praying from Uganda!! Keep it up girl!!!

  5. Praying!! My sister has been in the ER once for somethig very minor and I could hardly hold it together! Cannot imagine what you and your family are going through! Lots of prayers,thoughts and love being sent your way! Get well soon Abbey!! Keep fitghting!

  6. On my knees for sweet Abbey right now. We have three children with diabetes and know how dangerous ketoacidotic shock can be.

  7. The Giles Family is always on our prayer list simply because you are all very important to The Brutons. Abbey has been on our minds thru the night as well as each of you. I think Derrick is coming by to "see" her this morning (and your dad...he misses Mike). Israel is my hero for many things...he and Sam always came when I called! Please know that we love you and are here if any of you need anything. Give Abby our love!

  8. SOOO grateful for this blog. Praying for your sister, your parents, and your whole family. Looking forward to the glory He will receive through this situation.


    Patty Forney

  9. Abbey, we are praying for you (and your family), and for continued, steady progress. Here's to hoping you get to go home soon. Your sister gives 100% of herself into capturing our kids' best moments on camera, and I (and her other clients, I'm sure) will do whatever we can to return the gesture. It's clear that y'all are an amazing family! If you need anything, you have a huge extended family you didn't even know existed. Keep on fighting, and we will keep on praying!

  10. way to go Abbey, keep making improvements!!!!

  11. Abbey, you don't know me, but our church ladies have been praying for you (at New Harmony Baptist Church). May God bless you with complete healing very soon.