Monday, November 12, 2012

Otto's New Bed

I wrote a list this morning of everything that needed to happen today....and then proceeded to do none of it. But the munchkins and I did have a good day hanging out at home, Meri is teething pretty seriously, and Otto is trying to get rid of a head cold, so we laid low.

During Meredith's second nap, Otto and I got a little ambitious and decided to rearrange the furniture. Remember Otto's old room arrangement? Bam! Here's what it looks like now!
Full bed! For a two year old! Because he's so huge and growing and jazz.

Actually, it's more like, this was going to be his bed in the future, it was taking up too much room in his sister's (still unfinished) room, and it's pretty much a hail mary to get him to sleep in bed, not on the floor behind the door or with us.

Otto has hit a rough patch in the sleep department where he has been testing the bedtime rules. He gets out of bed for a drink, and then to pee, or say 'hi', or just to creep into the living room and wait until we notice him. The toddler bed wasn't working, and cribs are out because he is a climber, so this is what we are trying before the hardcore parenting comes into play. Hopefully getting to sleep in a new big kid bed will snap him out of this bedtime struggle. He has a love of all things big, so maybe this will be the trick to getting him sleeping in his own room again.

I asked him if he wanted to move this bed into his room and, grinning ear-to-ear, he said "No!", so we did. :) He approves.
He climbed up, tucked his babies in, and told me to turn off the lights.
Tonight went well! Not a peep after we (jointly) put him in bed and he fell asleep quickly! Yay! And he thanked us for his "Daddy bed".
I seriously love this kid, he's just so much fun to hang out with during the day. A few days ago I put on a movie about ballet while folding laundry and today he started mimicking it and showed me his "dancing feet".

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  1. Love the big boy room! And not childlike either, he can use it for years! We had full beds growing up too. Good choice! I say ALWAYS skip the toddler and jump to a full bed.