Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Insulin Shots

Abbey is getting a crash course in diabetes care right now. Of all the siblings she is probably the most squeamish about shots/needles so this will be a very big adjustment for her. 

Poor little frog helping her practice. 
Learning to draw insulin. Right now her blood sugar is measuring in the 300's so she is having to calculate how much to give herself. Abbey is a tough cookie and will get this, but I'm a little green just thinking about it. :( 
Practicing on Mom before trying to get over the fear of actually sticking herself. 

Her iv and heart monitor's are gone! Her pH is still a little basic (7.38) but her doctor says on this side of the scale her body is able to convert insulin as needed. Potassium is still low and she is taking oral supplements. 


  1. Lydia, are the insulin shots going to be from here on out? Or is it until they can find the cause? Or...i dunno..? --amie

  2. So true about the squeamishness. Abbey would always measure the goat vaccinations for us but would never administer them. Well, she had the hard part down which impressed the nurse, calculating and drawing up the insulin was no problem ......
    and shes doing real well with actually doing the record keeping & shots too. I mean who needs their Mom to be a shadow. ;D