Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chocolate Turkeys

I'm a bit in love with Thanksgiving. It's the best of the holidays if you ask me.  Yummy food and family time, anticipation for Christmas is building, but there is no stress of finding just the right gift for everyone. 

At our last few playdate's we've made chocolate turkeys as part of the snack. We made these every year while growing up, and always enjoyed sending them to my Dad's office and taking little flocks to the neighbors. I believe my mom found the idea in a Family Fun magazine originally. I think. 
Adorable and delicious!

They are made of York peppermint patties, malt balls, chocolate stars, and chocolate chips. Everything is 'glued' together with chocolate icing. Putting them together is pretty simple, we would set up and assembly line armed with butter knives and shamelessly hope that a peppermint patty might get accidentally smashed and have to be eaten. 
I had a little revelation just now--a piping bag would make adding dollops of icing much easier and create a cleaner finished product--I'll have to try that later this week when we make another batch. 
All done!  A little flock of {chocolate} turkeys! Perfect addition to your holiday table. 

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