Thursday, November 22, 2012

Abbey is Home!

Look who said so long to the hospital today! Children's was a fantastic place to get better, but I know Abbey is ready to sleep in her own bed. (My parents too!)
We drove over this morning for a visit, and they surprised us with the news that she was getting discharged. (!!!) So we hung out at the Ronald McDonald house, were my parents have been napping, while waiting for everything to be processed. The RMH is a wonderful, fresh place to stay with lots of activities for children. Otto was in heaven. This is actually his happy face, he's very intense while driving. 
I think he test drove every vehicle they had, and there were quite a few!
This delicious little piece of squish was so excited to see her Aunt Abbey feeling better. 
Meri even had her first ride on a bike!
Abbey came over after being discharged and we enjoyed a wonderful meal provided for the families staying at the house. Abbey got to eat everything but the pie:)

We are so thankful to be celebrating this Thanksgiving with Abbey, definitely the best since the year she was born! Doesn't she look terrific?! And all the potassium they gave her must have made her grow, she is taller than me now!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some black Friday shopping to do;)

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  1. That driving shot is totally Chris working on a problem.