Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sleeping in a Big Girl Bed

Miss Meri is growing up! Last week she spent the night in her own room!
I made Chris promise me that at three months we would make the transition. With Otto we waited until five months, and it was too long. He slept so much better in his own room, still does. But Meri is a completely different kid, and us moving around the room, talking, and getting ready for bed doesn't phase her in the slightest. And we liked having her close. I think Chris is a closet 'family bed' supporter, and if Otto woke up more well rested, they would both be in our room the majority of the time. 

I had told myself that at five months I would force myself to make the switch, but Otto and Meredith took matters into their own hands. Meri was sleeping in the bassinet that see where this is going? They decided to play rock the boat one morning and both ended up on the floor, and that was the end of the bassinet. 
Sadly, I picked the wrong night. She turned into a completely different baby, and was fussy most of the night. :( I'm blaming teething.
Otto was very sweet to her, but the grumpiness continued the next day. She didn't want to nap, had her best eating day yet, and needed to be held at all times--very unlike our content, mellow girl. 
But with a little Tylenol applied to her gums and an ice cube in the mesh feeder, she cheered up a bit. This is Meredith on a 'bad' day, I have a rough life don't I?
My Uncle Joe sent the babies a package and it arrive just in time for a mid afternoon perk:) Sock monkeys!
Meri loves her monkey! They both do, thank you Uncle Joe!
The next morning Meredith woke up her normal cheerful self, and still doesn't have any teeth, so who knows? She has continued to sleep in her room and is doing very well...and I might be sleeping in the guest bed to make 4:00am feedings easier (and I'm crazy and don't like her being so far away). 


  1. "They decided to play rock the boat one morning".... Hey! as a second kid I object to this phrasing! Meredith wasn't complicit in this! Don't blame the nonambulatory party here!

    1. She tried to throw herself out of the K-Tan this morning so she could ride in the buggy with him, they are definitely partners in crime.