Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Morning Walks

Because of our current car situation, the babies and I have been staying home a bit more than normal. Not that we go all the time normally, but we do go to the grocery store, library, and occasionally the fabric store. Chris has been driving the Pathfinder to work while he searches for a new car, and while we could drop him off if we need the vehicle, getting up early to have the babies ready to leaving when he does doesn't really appeal to me. And we kinda like staying home. 

We've taken advantage of staying in one place to work a little harder on potty training. Otto does really well, I think Chris and I are the hold ups. We're a little nervous about the whole thing! This morning we took our first out of the house trip in big boy boxers (sooo cute!), with a walk around the neighborhood. As Otto has also decided that this is the week to drop naps, our walk served a double purpose---wear the kid out! 

Otto believes that walks should happen at one speed, "Run! Fast!". 
Meredith also loves going on walks, but she isn't quite ready for big girl panties just yet. 
And I love that her hair actually flaps in the breeze!
When we walk Otto finds a dozen and one things to entertain himself. Pumpkins! Leaves! Flowers! You hear him chirp things like, "I love flowers." and "More cows?" because, while we've never actually seen cows in our neighborhood, he's sure we'll find some one day. 

And the acorns. Oh, the acorns. He LOVES them, and either throws them into the street, or puts them in his pockets. Today we made it home with only ten because several bounced out while he was "Run! Fast!". 
And, he did great! No accidents and had a great day using the big kid potty afterwards. Yay Buddy! Plus he took a nap today, after a five day streak without one. Double win!

PS: Thomas the Train? He has taken over our house. Otto is a huge fan now. I think it must be a two year old boy thing, all of his buddies are nuts over him too.

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