Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Randoms

I've got nothing today. Well, I have something it's just scattered. So here is a numbered list.

1. Meredith slept in her room last night. By herself. She ended up in our bed a little after 5:30, and I didn't go to bed until after one, but it counts. She did it and is doing it again tonight. I'm surprisingly okay and she is sleeping better without someone hovering over her at all times, imagine that.

2. Otto has decided that jackets are cool. And it's a good thing because it was 42 degrees here last night, freezing! We have been taking (long) walks to encourage him to nap, because those, unlike jackets and walks, are now uncool. While walking he must wear his hoodie and keep his hands in his pockets. Unless there are acorns to be collected. And then we 'Fhrow it!'. He has also been wearing his jacket while doing important things like, eating and movie watching.

3. I got a little crazy today and opened an ETSY shop. My fabric stash is getting embarrassing and I've given homemade gifts to just about everyone I know so now I've moved on to the general public. Need a baby dress or jon jon? I've got you covered. I also added a tab at the top of the page under the blog header that is a direct link.

4. Chris is hard at work with his two graduate classes. He has a test at the end of this week that is open book/notes/internet/everything. The teacher even said that if you could solve the questions using the internet he would be surprised. And then he laughed. If you feel like praying for someone on Sunday afternoon, please pick Chris.

5. If I ever become a teacher I will be modeling my strategies after the toughest, nuttiest professors out there--I'm a firm believer in expecting more. Students retain more if they have to work for it. And by work for it I mean stress, all nighters, and ugly tears. I don't think Chris is going to let me homeschool the children. Bummer.

6. Chris recently celebrated his fifth year of working at Oncor. They gave him a catalog of gifts to choose two from...he was super sweet and let me pick one. I got a miniature vacuum, isn't it cute?! I'm going to use it as a 'special treat' for when Otto has stellar behavior. The boy really loves to vacuum.

7. Otto is potty training. Six of the nine bathroom trips were successful. There were lots of miniature marshmallows consumed at our house today.

8. Meredith is this close to sitting on her own. She can hold herself up for about a minute before face planting. We are practice everyday because Aunt Sarah told us to--sitting is the goal for her six month pictures at the beginning of next month. All this new upper body strength also comes in handy while grocery shopping, big girls get to ride in the basket!
That's all I've got, good night peoples. 

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