Monday, October 1, 2012

Meredith is Five Months Old!

October 1st isn't too early to be wearing holiday themed clothes, is it? Good, because Meredith is all about dressing for the occasion. :)
At five months she is such a love bug. Happy 99% of the time, she is just an easy going, calm little peanut. We visited the pediatrician today for a few delayed shots and I practically led the charge to the scale to check her weight. 14 pounds and 12 ounces! Growing, just at her own pace. 
In the last few days she has developed a new skill, sitting! 
She's still pretty shaky, but can sit for about a minute before wiping out. Most of the time she is looking at the ground, either there is too much to look at around her feet, or her neck muscles aren't strong enough quite yet. 
She is totally a girl, her skirt was much more interesting than the grass. 

She is rocking her new haircut, it's definitely a little easier to control. 
Teeth are in the near future, she is chewing on her fingers all the time and the drool is unstoppable.
How could you not love this girl?! She is a complete joy to be around and we adore her. Look! She got something from me--she can curl her toes!
Yesterday was her biggest eating day yet, twenty-seven ounces! A normal day is about twenty-four. She is almost ready to move up to a size three diaper, and has outgrown her three month outfits and 3-6 month jammies. A few times she has gotten a little nervous around strangers, and seeing as we seem to attract people at the grocery store, this could be a problem. When she is riding in the sling it isn't an issue, so we'll just keep that up for awhile. I like having a baby that is content to be held. :)
Happy Five Months Meredith!


  1. SO adorable! That skirt is amazing, did you make it?? And her hair bow. It's all too much!

  2. I stalk your blog. There I said it. Otto and Meredith are just precious! Her hair - even Emmy and Landry are jealous of those locks! :)