Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Bullet points again, woohoo!

TUESDAY: Chris got in a wreck on the way to work. The guy who hit him had dropped his phone and was reaching for it. Chris checked his rear view mirror to see a F150 with no driver coming towards him. The poor little Corolla is still drivable and doesn't look all that bad, but it's frame compressed a bit accordion style, which is never good. (most of the damage is in the back of the car).

The babies and I went to story time at our local library, first time since before Meredith was born. Otto did GREAT, actually sitting and listened to the story! And we've been singing the songs all week, win! So excited that we get to go to the library again!

Meri also did a wonderful job listening. :)

WEDNESDAY: The peanuts and I ran errands around town. I've heard that a hospital grade pump works wonders for milk supply, and because we've been having issues in that department, we stopped to rent one. (So far it has helped bring my supply back to it's best point...I'm crossing my fingers that it helps it increase just a little more.) Hospital pumps come with really sexy carrying cases, just so you know.

Our next stop was getting new tires put on the Pathfinder. (Apparently this was the week for throwing money into our vehicles.) Otto now wants to stop at every automotive shop we pass for "New tires, new tires!" He was a ham while we were waiting and introduced himself to everyone in the waiting room, complete with demonstrations on how well he can march and spin in circles. 

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: Chris was interviewing for Oncor at A&M and because of the car situation we got to go with him. Plus we got to see family! We had lots of fun while visiting, Otto got to chase Aunt Hannah's cats, watch Kyle mow, help Uncle Sam construct a bow, and talk Aunt Sarah into sharing her coffee.

And there was lots of play time with my sister's neighbors and our friends, Lincoln and Naomi. Meredith got to play in an excersaucer for the first time and LOVED it. We need to get ours out of the attic soon!

Car races!

Chickfila! Lunch of (toddler) champions. 

Meri couldn't handle all the fun and crashed. I still amazes me that she will sleep in public, every time it happens I have to take a picture and send Chris a "!!!??!!!" text. 

YESTERDAY: We hosted play group, which is always so fun. Babies everywhere! Look how much little Miss Maggie has grown!

TODAY: Meredith learned how to nod her head, and she does it while getting her diaper changed. And then she laughs, silly girl cracks herself up. Otto started telling me "I can't." when asked to obey. We went to the library again for story time and Otto picked another Thomas the Train movie to borrow for the week. He also insisted on wearing his sun glasses (very overcast today) into the building.

Meri thought he was too funny for words. 

Chris met with the insurance adjuster and found out that the Corolla is totaled; total bummer. So now we are looking for a gas efficient little work car for Chris that has room for two car seats.
And now I feel caught up, yay!

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