Saturday, October 20, 2012

Comparing Baby Giraffes

We've been having way too much fun with the baby giraffe costume. 

Meri got her turn today, isn't she the most adorable giraffe ever?
And then of course, we need to put my babies side-by-side for a little comparison. There is an age difference, he was just three months, while she is five and a half, and she can sit up when he was leaning heavily on the pumpkins, but the similarities are there. Physically he was about two pounds bigger than she is now too. I think they look like siblings, but are very much their own person. Love that Daddy is hovering in both pictures! And can I get an amen that this man knows how to make a baby? He has some serious cute baby genes.

Now I better get cracking on this year's Halloween costumes, or Meredith really will be a giraffe. 

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