Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was a little bit chaotic and didn't go as planned, but it happened and our little people were super cute. Here are pictures to prove it!

Otto Pilot!
He actually loved his costume and wore it the entire time we were out. It might have had something to do with the fact that I told him wearing the hat would make the neighbors give him candy. 
He styled it for me in the back yard while we waited on Daddy to get home. His shoes had ridden to work with Chris that morning so he mowed the back yard bare foot while wearing a winter eighty degree weather. 
Sweet Meri was sleeping during our photo shoot and totally was subjected to second child syndrome and ended up wearing the giraffe costume because I ran short on time finishing their sibling outfits. There's always next year, right? 
It was a fun night and we came home with WAY too much candy. On a side note, Otto is doing great with potty training, so Halloween candy for the win!

On Sleep


Meri had her very first ten hour night last night, sleeping from her last feed at ten to eight this morning without a peep. Woot, woot! Possibly brought on by a rough day of teething, which makes her sleep and eat more. (I know, I'm confused about that too.) 

And Otto slept with us. He's been having a rough time sleeping in his room lately, possibly because he learned that things are scary or because he's playing us like fiddle. Most likely the latter...the boy is a pretty sharp cookie. And then in the wee hours he woke up because "Potty!! Potty!!". Pretty impressive seeing as during the day we work on a zero warning time system. He was thrilled to earn a potty treat, and actually went back to sleep for about an hour.

I haven't caught them conspiring together yet, but I'm fairly confident that they plot which will take the night shift on operation 'Keep Mom and Dad Exhausted'.

Monday, October 29, 2012

65th Anniversary

On November 1st my paternal grandparents will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. Quite an accomplishment, especially when you consider that they got married at 26!
They recently move closer to my parents so my Mom planned an anniversary lunch at a local restaurant. 
My Gaw-Gaw had my Nana's engagement and wedding rings repaired. I think she was very happy to have them back! Apparently the set lost a few stones when she had to climb over a fence because my (three year old) father had locked her out of the house. I'm beginning to see where Otto gets it. 
Doesn't my grandfather have excellent taste?
The cake table had their wedding and fiftieth anniversary photos, along with wedding photos from their children and (three married) grandchildren. They have set quite the example of an enduring marriage for us all. 
My parents! 30 years last June. 
Aunt Becky, my father's sister, and Uncle Bobby, 28 years in December!
RJ and Beth (Becky and Bobby's youngest), just celebrated their second anniversary. 
Josh, who also belongs to Becky & Bobby, and Leah, 2 years!
Our little family! We've been married fours years but I think we should get bonus points for the babies, little people are hard work! (My parents are in triple overtime bonus land if marriage is on a point system.)
This was Meri's first time meeting my Dad's side of the family, and she was the life of the party. People are her jam. 
Uncle Sam!
Leah getting some cuddles!
My Aunt Becky practicing her great-aunt skills. Poor Meredith was just a little exhausted from all the fun. 
Four generations! I love that my children have gotten to meet their great grandparents, especially since they have set such an example for them. 
Happy Anniversary Nana and Gaw-Gaw!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Morning Walks

Because of our current car situation, the babies and I have been staying home a bit more than normal. Not that we go all the time normally, but we do go to the grocery store, library, and occasionally the fabric store. Chris has been driving the Pathfinder to work while he searches for a new car, and while we could drop him off if we need the vehicle, getting up early to have the babies ready to leaving when he does doesn't really appeal to me. And we kinda like staying home. 

We've taken advantage of staying in one place to work a little harder on potty training. Otto does really well, I think Chris and I are the hold ups. We're a little nervous about the whole thing! This morning we took our first out of the house trip in big boy boxers (sooo cute!), with a walk around the neighborhood. As Otto has also decided that this is the week to drop naps, our walk served a double purpose---wear the kid out! 

Otto believes that walks should happen at one speed, "Run! Fast!". 
Meredith also loves going on walks, but she isn't quite ready for big girl panties just yet. 
And I love that her hair actually flaps in the breeze!
When we walk Otto finds a dozen and one things to entertain himself. Pumpkins! Leaves! Flowers! You hear him chirp things like, "I love flowers." and "More cows?" because, while we've never actually seen cows in our neighborhood, he's sure we'll find some one day. 

And the acorns. Oh, the acorns. He LOVES them, and either throws them into the street, or puts them in his pockets. Today we made it home with only ten because several bounced out while he was "Run! Fast!". 
And, he did great! No accidents and had a great day using the big kid potty afterwards. Yay Buddy! Plus he took a nap today, after a five day streak without one. Double win!

PS: Thomas the Train? He has taken over our house. Otto is a huge fan now. I think it must be a two year old boy thing, all of his buddies are nuts over him too.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Comparing Baby Giraffes

We've been having way too much fun with the baby giraffe costume. 

Meri got her turn today, isn't she the most adorable giraffe ever?
And then of course, we need to put my babies side-by-side for a little comparison. There is an age difference, he was just three months, while she is five and a half, and she can sit up when he was leaning heavily on the pumpkins, but the similarities are there. Physically he was about two pounds bigger than she is now too. I think they look like siblings, but are very much their own person. Love that Daddy is hovering in both pictures! And can I get an amen that this man knows how to make a baby? He has some serious cute baby genes.

Now I better get cracking on this year's Halloween costumes, or Meredith really will be a giraffe. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Then and Now

Remember these photos of my sweet boy?
He was just barely three months old, and we had moved into our new house in time to celebrate Halloween.
 Such a cute little giraffe! And the tail--just kill me with cuteness, would you?
Today, we were switching sizes/seasons and found his first Halloween costume. He, of course, wanted to try it on, so we did!
But now, instead of struggling to hold himself upright, he's too busy playing with his 'fire tuck!' to look at the camera. I resorted to bribing him with potty treats:)
And the tail, it still kills me. :)
I love the little boy he has become, but good grief, shouldn't' he still be a baby?! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Bullet points again, woohoo!

TUESDAY: Chris got in a wreck on the way to work. The guy who hit him had dropped his phone and was reaching for it. Chris checked his rear view mirror to see a F150 with no driver coming towards him. The poor little Corolla is still drivable and doesn't look all that bad, but it's frame compressed a bit accordion style, which is never good. (most of the damage is in the back of the car).

The babies and I went to story time at our local library, first time since before Meredith was born. Otto did GREAT, actually sitting and listened to the story! And we've been singing the songs all week, win! So excited that we get to go to the library again!

Meri also did a wonderful job listening. :)

WEDNESDAY: The peanuts and I ran errands around town. I've heard that a hospital grade pump works wonders for milk supply, and because we've been having issues in that department, we stopped to rent one. (So far it has helped bring my supply back to it's best point...I'm crossing my fingers that it helps it increase just a little more.) Hospital pumps come with really sexy carrying cases, just so you know.

Our next stop was getting new tires put on the Pathfinder. (Apparently this was the week for throwing money into our vehicles.) Otto now wants to stop at every automotive shop we pass for "New tires, new tires!" He was a ham while we were waiting and introduced himself to everyone in the waiting room, complete with demonstrations on how well he can march and spin in circles. 

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: Chris was interviewing for Oncor at A&M and because of the car situation we got to go with him. Plus we got to see family! We had lots of fun while visiting, Otto got to chase Aunt Hannah's cats, watch Kyle mow, help Uncle Sam construct a bow, and talk Aunt Sarah into sharing her coffee.

And there was lots of play time with my sister's neighbors and our friends, Lincoln and Naomi. Meredith got to play in an excersaucer for the first time and LOVED it. We need to get ours out of the attic soon!

Car races!

Chickfila! Lunch of (toddler) champions. 

Meri couldn't handle all the fun and crashed. I still amazes me that she will sleep in public, every time it happens I have to take a picture and send Chris a "!!!??!!!" text. 

YESTERDAY: We hosted play group, which is always so fun. Babies everywhere! Look how much little Miss Maggie has grown!

TODAY: Meredith learned how to nod her head, and she does it while getting her diaper changed. And then she laughs, silly girl cracks herself up. Otto started telling me "I can't." when asked to obey. We went to the library again for story time and Otto picked another Thomas the Train movie to borrow for the week. He also insisted on wearing his sun glasses (very overcast today) into the building.

Meri thought he was too funny for words. 

Chris met with the insurance adjuster and found out that the Corolla is totaled; total bummer. So now we are looking for a gas efficient little work car for Chris that has room for two car seats.
And now I feel caught up, yay!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Randoms

I've got nothing today. Well, I have something it's just scattered. So here is a numbered list.

1. Meredith slept in her room last night. By herself. She ended up in our bed a little after 5:30, and I didn't go to bed until after one, but it counts. She did it and is doing it again tonight. I'm surprisingly okay and she is sleeping better without someone hovering over her at all times, imagine that.

2. Otto has decided that jackets are cool. And it's a good thing because it was 42 degrees here last night, freezing! We have been taking (long) walks to encourage him to nap, because those, unlike jackets and walks, are now uncool. While walking he must wear his hoodie and keep his hands in his pockets. Unless there are acorns to be collected. And then we 'Fhrow it!'. He has also been wearing his jacket while doing important things like, eating and movie watching.

3. I got a little crazy today and opened an ETSY shop. My fabric stash is getting embarrassing and I've given homemade gifts to just about everyone I know so now I've moved on to the general public. Need a baby dress or jon jon? I've got you covered. I also added a tab at the top of the page under the blog header that is a direct link.

4. Chris is hard at work with his two graduate classes. He has a test at the end of this week that is open book/notes/internet/everything. The teacher even said that if you could solve the questions using the internet he would be surprised. And then he laughed. If you feel like praying for someone on Sunday afternoon, please pick Chris.

5. If I ever become a teacher I will be modeling my strategies after the toughest, nuttiest professors out there--I'm a firm believer in expecting more. Students retain more if they have to work for it. And by work for it I mean stress, all nighters, and ugly tears. I don't think Chris is going to let me homeschool the children. Bummer.

6. Chris recently celebrated his fifth year of working at Oncor. They gave him a catalog of gifts to choose two from...he was super sweet and let me pick one. I got a miniature vacuum, isn't it cute?! I'm going to use it as a 'special treat' for when Otto has stellar behavior. The boy really loves to vacuum.

7. Otto is potty training. Six of the nine bathroom trips were successful. There were lots of miniature marshmallows consumed at our house today.

8. Meredith is this close to sitting on her own. She can hold herself up for about a minute before face planting. We are practice everyday because Aunt Sarah told us to--sitting is the goal for her six month pictures at the beginning of next month. All this new upper body strength also comes in handy while grocery shopping, big girls get to ride in the basket!
That's all I've got, good night peoples.