Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Otto's First Trip to the Dentist

This morning Otto had his very first trip to the dentist. I think I was more excited than he was;) He woke up talking about going to the dentist to catch bugs in his hands. I think he got a little confused when I was explaining about how they were going to check his teeth for germs. :) Luckily, the overhead florescent lighting above the chairs had decorative covers with butterflies on them or I might have been in the dog house. 

He was ready to go long before it was time, and kept telling me that he was excited to go the the dentist. When we finally got there he marched right in like he owned the place and said 'Hi!' to everyone in the waiting room. A couple of teenage boys waiting to have their braces tightened were very impressed with his abilities to captivate the ladies; he made a beeline for the only girl in the room and proceeded to become best friends. 
No fear, he climbed right up into the chair. He wasn't to keen on letting the hygienist brush his teeth and was too impressed with all the equipment to show her how he does it on his own so we went the 'happy visit' route.  
Just chillin'
The dentist did a mirror check and didn't see any issues. After painting on a fluoride varnish we were set to go!
In the car with his prize for a good check-up! 
We had lunch at Chickfila to celebrate a successful visit and Otto sat in the booth like a big kid. Makes me a tiny bit sad that he's so big already.  While there, he made a point to tell everyone, 'Dentist! Cavities!'. We haven't even talked about cavities and the dentist didn't either, he must have overheard the conversation about the little girl in the next chair who had a cavity. 

I didn't tell the dental staff that I was a hygienist once upon a time, because let's face it, it gets awkward if they know, and I was totally checking out the practice to make sure it's where we want to take our kids. There weren't any red flags and they were very kind to our little guy so we'll go back in six months for a cleaning!


  1. Umm...I LOVE what Otto is wearing here! Little prepster!

  2. I'm so excited he went to the dentist (and did very well!)!! I was wondering when he would get to go for the first time! :)

  3. Otto looked like he really had fun going to the dentist. What a brave little kid. He’s all smiles. : ) Kudos to you too! Bringing a kid to the dentist with no biggies is definitely a mark of good parenting.

    - Darcy Losh