Friday, September 14, 2012

Minky Day!

Yesterday my parents were in the metroplex. My Dad had a work commitment and my Mom rode up with him. We drove over and kidnapped her for the afternoon--we hit up IKEA and the Frisco Mall. Shopping and hanging out with my Mom? Yes please!
These two really resemble each other in my opinion. 
Meri and Otto love getting to see their grandparents as much as I do and had a great day. Otto took a twenty minute power nap in the car and did really well for running on fumes. Meredith napped a little in the stroller and was also very content for being off schedule. I have really, really good kids, pretty much hit the jackpot. (Take that however you want, but my babies are the best there are hands down.)
We took our time wandering through IKEA and found some great goodies. I love their pillow inserts and got a few of the rectangular ones to add to the couch.
We even tried the food for the first time. Not bad!
After IKEA we walked through the mall next door. Otto spotted the carousal and thought riding it would be a great idea. And so we did. Twice. (Made me woozie!) He loved it and kept patting his horse's neck with a "Good job" and saying "Otto trotting!". 
He looks fully five years old in this picture! *sob*
A little side note: While we were out Otto kept saying, 'Oh my God." A lot. As in "Oh my God, that's cute!" while we were shopping for clothes in Gap. Now, we don't like to practice taking the Lord's name in vain (my Mom was horrified, sorry Mom!),  and while I say, 'Oh my goodness' and 'Goodness gracious', quite a bit I try not to say 'Oh my God'. Chris isn't an exclamatory person (ha!) so I doubt it's coming from him. It was puzzling where he was picking the phase up from, and I was about ready to admit guilt when another shopper walked up to the stroller and, right in front of Otto, exclaimed, "OMG! What a cute baby!". There you go. Ugh! You can't filter strangers! And our little parrot mimics everything. 

When we returned Minky we got to say hi to MG. Can you tell this little girl is teething? Always with the hands in her mouth. 

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