Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meredith's First Haircut!

Yep, we did. We cut her hair. 

Our little four month old needed a trim. Crazy, but true.

Meri has hair, lots of it. And it seems to grow at a faster rate than her body does. Hair and fingernails, this girl knows how to grow them. It was starting to look a little, well, crazy. Her hair is pretty straight (even though in these pictures it appears otherwise) and sticks out in all directions. It's too short to do anything other than clip it to the side with a bow, so we decided to trim it so (hopefully) it will grow in a little more evenly.

After a shampoo (regular little salon at the Weldy house tonight!), she was ready to go!
Praying? Pleading for mercy? She was a little confused at what we were doing. 
Aunt Hannah is visiting this weekend, so provided moral support for me and distraction for Meredith. Pretty scary having an amateur hacking away at your hair!
A few snips later, it was much improved! Meri likes it!
Less of a mullet for sure:)

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