Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meredith is Four Months Old!

Seriously y'all, this is going by way too fast. Everyone says it, I know, but it's true! How is she already a third of the way through her first year?! Crazy stinkin' nuts.

She is growing, but at a slower rate than her brother did, just this week she moved up to a size two diaper. And in the past few days she has been eating a little better too--thanks to some exercises that Aunt Hannah shared. She even had a twenty-five ounce day a few days ago! BIG deal around here.
Everyday she is more fun. She now is a pro at playing on her play mat and can grab and shake the toys. This month she started rolling and laughing, and is convinced that she can do a sit up. I have to admit that her form is much better than mine;)
Daddy is still one of her very favorite people, but Otto is creeping up the list. She is absolutely enamored with him and doesn't mind a bit when he squishes her in an attempt to give her a hug.
Her latest trick is standing! Tada!
And she is pretty proud of herself when she pushes up:)
We love, LOVE this happy girl and are so glad that she came to live at our house!

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