Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meredith Four Month Stats

Meredith had her four month check-up today. I've been looking forward to this appointment so we could continue to track her growth. While my sister was in town she gave us some exercise to added to our feeding routine to help strengthen Meredith's latch and oral muscles. We have been really focusing on getting her to eat more at each feeding and I am happy to report that it is working!

Weight: 13 pounds, 11 ounces (48th percentile)
Height: 25 1/4 inches
Head Circumference: 16 1/4 inches

That's up from the 30th percentile a month ago! Positive progress! Yay!

The pediatrician is happy with her progress and didn't even mention adding additional calories through food. I am ecstatic. What we are doing is making a difference, thank you Hannah for the help!

We are going to continue what we are doing, and go back in for another weight check (actually we go in for more shots, slow poke schedule, the weight check is a perk) at five months. Hopefully things continue to trend in a positive direction.

Yay Meri! So glad for a happy visit.

(And a side note. On the way home we made a stop at a thrift store (we were in a celebratory mood and thrifting is our thing) where Otto had his first public toilet experience. Thankfully the bathroom was very clean. Big day for the Weldy kids!)

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