Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Leo!

Last weekend we made aquick trip to East Texas to celebrate Leo's birthday! Leo is Chris' best friend Shawn's dad, and he and Sonia were like a second family to Chris when he was growing up. From the stories I've heard Shawn and Chris were pretty much inseparable and were always at one or the other's house. 
Leo and Sonia!
Happy Birthday Leo! His cake might have been missing an Otto size chunk:-/ He pounced not just once but twice! before Leo could blow out the candles. 
Bella and Otto! They played so, so well together, Bella is just a doll and Otto has been talking about her non stop ever since. 
Meredith got to meet everyone for the first time, including Shawn and Jessica who flew in from California to surprise Leo. 
Chris and Shawn, and their 'man' faces. 
They took Otto on his first boat ride around the pond, my little guy is turning into such a big kid!
The whole group! Ryan and Otto have the right idea--they weren't distracted from the delicious gumbo by the picture taking. 
Happy Birthday again Leo! So glad we got to celebrate with you!

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