Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zoo Day

This morning the babies and I got a little brave and went to the zoo! It helped that my Mom had spent the night in Arlington (younger siblings are doing the Six Flags/Hurricane Harbor thing. A word of advice from Michael? Don't ride Mr. Freeze twice if you have a weak stomach:-/) and promised to meet us there to be an extra set of hands. The weather was forecasted to be in the low nineties, which is pretty cool for Texas in August, so we loaded up the car and went! I'm so glad we did, it turned out to be overcast and the temperature never got above 85, perfect zoo weather! (Jess, I told you we were going to do it!)

This post should probably be called, 'Pictures of Otto Climbing on Fences', because most of the photos are of him trying to find a way into the enclosures!
Meredith was a total trooper, I was SO proud of her. She is just a really sweet baby and did a fantastic job being happy in her carseat.  She even napped and ate well, go baby girl!
Elephants! He tried to convince them to 'Come here' by extending a blade of grass.
Giraffes and giant koi (maybe?), and again with the fence climbing. :)
Happy girl! She has really started teething, but has been handling it well so far. Her poor little mouth is starting to break out from all the extra drool and acidic saliva.
I think the giraffes were her favorites:)

There was a baby giraffe! So cute, and it kept running in circles around all the others. We learned after getting home, that she was only 19 days old.
Cows! He wasn't as thrilled about seeing this calf as I would have expected. Probably because it wouldn't come when called. Very wise calf. That, or because it was a Longhorn.
Bears! It was hard to get him to move on to the next exhibit, I had to keep promising there would be more. He would have stayed at the gorilla enclosure (right inside the entrance) the entire time we were there if I'd have let him.
The face you get when you stop his adventuring for a picture of his face instead of the back of his head.  I think we will see a lot of this face when he is a teenager.
Otto and my Mom watching "The Lonestar Mystery". Otto volunteered to be a helper on stage but I'm so glad that the zoo keepers didn't pick him, they had the kids hold a snake!
This was just gross. Look how big that crocodile is! Otto didn't bat an eyelash.
And a little before and after. Me and both my babies! (Here is the before, I just realized that Otto is wearing the same shirt! Ha!)
We had a great time and will definitely being using our membership a lot when the weather cools down. If only to convince Otto that the hippos really aren't giant turtles;)

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  1. I will come with you sometime. Maybe in the Spring? Aug will be about a year then and he will really appreciate it more about that time, and since he might be able to walk then. What do you say? Zoo date for March-ish? Lol.