Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visit to Bryan

Okay, so lets back track a bit. A few weeks ago, while Chris was in CA, the babies and I went to Bryan to visit my sisters. I should be given an award for my skills at lunging my camera around but never actually using it, but Sarah saved the day and sent me a few to blog with, yay! Her pictures are much more awesome anyway:)

She took some photos of Otto to document him at two, these are from the splash park in her neighborhood.  This first picture is a before and after almost exactly a year a part. Absolutely nuts how much he has changed in a year; he wasn't even walking a year ago!
Now he is far too busy with running! kicking! water! to be bothered with looking anywhere near the direction of the camera.
Otto and Lincoln! (One of my sister's neighbors and Otto's future BFF)
Seeing these two play together is just so much fun. They probably couldn't be any more different, Lincoln fully investigates things before doing them while Otto dives right in. Otto narrates his every action and Lincoln is the strong silent type. And even though they are opposites, they play great together. It's so perfect that Otto has a friend to hang out with when we visit Hannah and Sarah.
While we were there Meredith started laughing (for Aunt Sarah of course--she has a magic touch when it comes to babies) and had her three month pictures taken.

We also got to go to Jory's first birthday! The theme was watermelons, and Jory's mom, Becca, did a fantastic job putting everything together.  Look how darling the cake table was, love the pink and navy color scheme!
It was so fun to meet Becca and her babies in real life and I know that Otto and Jax would be great friends if we lived anywhere close to each other. (Meredith and Jory too!) Becca blogs about her family here.
My sweet boy is getting so big!
And after the cake smash, Jory got to go for a swim to rinse off. Isn't she just darling?

And then the following weekend, Hannah and Sam came to Fort Worth to see us! They were so sweet and on my birthday babysat so that Chris and I could go on a date! (Okay, they practically had to kick me out of the house, but I did go!) We had dinner and went to see a movie. (Hope Springs the new Meryl Streep/Steve Carell film. Very cute and funny but we were the youngest in the theater by al least twenty-five years.) We both agree that date nights need to happen more often, it was so refreshing to have a slow, quiet dinner and get organized for the next few weeks. Thank you so much guys!
Sam, Meredith needs her nails trimmed again. Coming back anytime soon?

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  1. Otto is so handsome!! & thanks so much for the shout out and great pictures, we so loved getting to (finally) meet y'all & I really wish you lived closer...we would have so much fun!