Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Month and Two Year Checkups

Just recording their stats were I can always find them:)

Height- 37 3/4 inches, as the pediatrician put it, in the 95th++%(according to the internet calculators out there, he's on track to be 6 foot 6 inches! Wow wee!)
Weight-29 pounds even. Holding steady in the 60%

He did great, only a little concerned when the doctor was examining Meri. And when the phlebotomist pricked his finger (iron test) he didn't even flinch! She was probably the best tech we'd ever had and was wearing a watch that started flashing colored lights when she pricked his finger.

Height-23 3/4 inches, 60th percentile
Weight-12 pounds even, 30th percentile

Obviously, I'm not super excited about these numbers. She's still falling on the growth curves, but the pedi has decided not to be worried. She's happy, sleeps well, is active and alert. He gave us a goal of at least 20 ounces a day, or 80-90 calories per kilogram of weight. (twenty ounces would only put her at 73 cal/kg, so still a little short) Right now she takes 18-22 ounces a day, with anything over twenty happening two or three times a week.

I love her just the way she is, but is so frustrating to battle with her over eating. If she's full she starts spitting it back at you; when she's done she's done. This is where I apologize to my Mom for having to feed me bites until I was like, seven. Sorry Mom, I get it now!

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  1. Think of it this way: There is no way anything terrible will happen to her (weight wise) since you are a such a diligent and wonderful mum, but she WILL get to be the adorable, petite girl that everyone things is TOO cute. That is a WIN! : ) I feel for you, though. Wondering if your kiddo is eating enough puts a pit in any good mama's stomach and you are a great mama!