Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not My Favorite Kind of First

Whew. I'm glad today is over.

Tonight at bedtime, while putting on his pajamas, Otto dislocated his left elbow.  No rough housing, silliness, or fit throwing was going on, Chris was helping him stand up to put on his shirt and somehow the joint slipped out of it's socket.

We didn't know exactly what was wrong, but Otto was unconsolable and wasn't even tempted by the idea of dessert, so we jumped in the car and headed to Urgent Care. Once in his car seat, his arm was pretty immobilized and he was able to calm down enough to tell us that "All-low, owie." :(
He did such a great job being brave and let the doctor examine his arm. The doctor was very calm and gentle with him. Sadly, this had happened to one of her little girls three times! Once when her pre-k teacher was simply helping her get started down a slide by pulling her forward using her arms. She said that some children's ligaments have more mobile attachments that make them prone to dislocation, or nursemaid's elbow. As they mature, it becomes less likely.
While we waited for our turn in the x-ray room, he created a masterpiece on the back of the insurance paperwork using his right (non-donminant) hand.
The x-ray ruled out any breaks thank goodness. Isn't that the most darling little film you've ever seen? I never want to see it again.
Meri was a trooper and watching all the proceedings from the k-tan.
The fix was pretty simple, but it definitely hurt. The doctor just popped the joint back into place and within three minutes he was back to normal Otto. In fact, he cried when we left because he wasn't done playing with the cool trucks.
We hit the drive-thru at In and Out for a chocolate milk shake to celebrate surviving our first, and hopefully, but not likely, last trip to the emergency room.  (At 9:00pm!)
He was thrilled to get home, and went to bed with his new little teddy bear (complements of the nurses) like nothing had happened. His Dad and I are a tiny bit more shaken up about it and will be paying quite a bit more attention to the way we pick him up in the future. No monkey bars for Otto until he is at least ten!


  1. Aw poor Otto! So glad it was a quick fix but that's still no fun!!

  2. Oh no! I would have been shaken up too. Glad it wasn't a break. Now I'm going to pay attention to how we dress Kane...I'm not always super gentle with my squirmy toddler :)