Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meredith is Three Months Old!

This little girl is growing quickly! Not much in size but definitely in personality, she is a very happy baby who loves to talk and flirt and snuggle. 
While she doesn't do the best job eating, 18-22 ounces at best, she is a terrific sleeper. Nap time is generally pretty easy, swaddle, pacifier, and a fan running for white noise is all she needs. If she is over stimulated or fussy she wants you to sit with her while she drifts off, but that's not a hassle at all; snuggling with Meri is the best! At night, after a dream feed about 11:00pm, she sleeps until four or five am. A quick feed and then she sleeps until a little after 8:00am. 
Tummy time has been a little better this month. She can get her face off the floor now! Her neck muscles seem to be loosening up finally which I think has made the biggest difference for her.
She's the happiest when someone is talking to her or when you pull out the cell phone camera. Over the last week she has been enjoying the playmat and has learned to use her feet to activated the lights on the bouncy seat.
She may not be growing at warp speed but the hair definitely is:) She likes to play with it while drinking her bottle. It has a mind of it's own and even if you comb it flat to her head after a bath it finds a way to get BIG. Tonight, after her bath, I brushed it into a faux-hawk; she likes to be stylin' for Dr. Elliot. (Weight check in the morning.)
Daddy is probably her favorite. They carry on conversations that mainly consist of Meredith cooing/shrieking and Chris calling her the cutest little girl ever.

Looking at that hair blowing in the breeze, too funny!

Two of my very, very favorite people.

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  1. I just died. Holy moly, she is a cute little thing!! *Happy* for you guys!