Monday, August 13, 2012

And Then Lydia Took a Break From Blogging...

Not on purpose of course, it just seemed to happen. We've been busy, and I've been really, really exhausted for no reason other than having two kids in two years who seem to enjoy keeping me awake at all hours, day and night. Don't worry, I have caffeine on my side. I will win.

At least that's what I keeping chanting to myself. If the internet crowd wanted to chime in with a building 'Ly-di-a, Ly-di-a, Ly-di-a!' and convince Starbucks to start delivering I would be most grateful. :)

But I digress, I'm back and better than ever. Literally. My sweetheart of a husband got me a new computer for my birthday! It's a Mac so I'm slowly learning how to close windows (are they even called that?) on the left side of the screen, and to type on a smaller keyboard. But it's beautiful and fun, and I will definitely be spending more time in front of the computer now. (Like that was the problem before--ha!)

So what have we been up to these last two weeks? Well, we (the babies and I) road-tripped it down to Bryan and stayed a few day with Hannah and Sarah while Chris spent some buddy time with his BFF in California. I had a birthday (26 going on ancient!), we went to the children's museum, and Hannah and Sam came to visit us. See? Plenty to blog about, just not enough hours in the day. I had good intentions coming out my ears yesterday, but when I sat down to blog a HUGE thunderstorm moved through the area and knocked out the power. It was a rough six hours before it came back on. Let me just say manually pumping for a baby who will. not. nurse. is for the birds. Otto and Meredith took it in stride, and I would even venture to say they enjoyed sleeping stripped down to their diapers and having dinner (thank you gas grill) on the back porch to catch the last of the light. But you better believe I was thanking Jesus at 1:30am when the lights came back on. I was in a slight panic that all the breast milk in the freezer would melt and we would be knocking on friends doors begging for a shower this morning. I tend to lean towards the dramatic in case you haven't noticed.

Also? Power outage after a storm would be the perfect time to commit a crime. Seriously, you could just park in a neighborhood, watch people leave with an overnight bag on their shoulder, then waltz right in and take what ever you wanted. Security systems are down, street and flood lights are out, and you would know that they weren't home. Easy peasy. If I hadn't become a SAHM, I think I would have gone with World's Best Criminal.
Watching the storm. "Funder! Rain, shower? Kiss, hug!" He loves storms, must be my kid:)
Now, as soon as I figure out how to upload pictures to this fancy smancy machine and get my kidlets to nap at the same time expect some posts people! With Sarah pictures, because totally didn't take any while we were visiting. 

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