Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So Much Alike But Yet So Very Different

Otto, two weeks.
Meredith, two days away from four months.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Parents Visited! And Other Bits and Pieces.

Thank you for all the concern and kind thoughts about Otto's little emergency room adventure, he is completely recovered! Other than a mention at breakfast the next morning about his arm being "broke, fix-it" and applying ice to his stuffed Brobee, he hasn't been slowed down in the slightest. In fact, he proved he had full function restored by 'helping' Meredith wiggle off her play mat...he pulled her off using her feet:-/ She thought it was great. I think these two stay up late plotting how to give Mom more gray hair. 
 See that pink on the carpet? That's permanent maker that Otto got a little carried away with while drawing. Thankfully I had bought a Groupon a few weeks ago to have our carpets cleaned. 
I need a high power cleaner like this! It only took about forty minutes from start to finish, crazy fast and they look so much better! The marker is almost completely gone, only noticeable if you know where to look. 
See? Nice and clean again!
Otto had a field day while the furniture was shifted around. He kept saying, "Excited! Running!", and then zooming around in circles. 
Sweet guy slept threw the actual cleaning, even though he tried his best to stay awake. Look at all those toys! 
My parents got to come spend the night. Otto and Meredith were thrilled to have them stay and throughly milked the fact that my parents have completely turned into grandparents. We went to the Stockyards to see the cattle drive and Otto was treated to a sno-cone, rode a steer, AND went on a pony ride! He strongly hinted that he would like a pair of cowboy boots, but thankfully my mom knew he had a pair at home;)
This steer's horns span six foot four inches!
Riding Sampson!
He was one happy boy! My Dad even took him for a ride in his truck. Otto couldn't tell me good-bye fast enough, he was out the door in a flash. 
We love it when family visits! Come back soon please!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not My Favorite Kind of First

Whew. I'm glad today is over.

Tonight at bedtime, while putting on his pajamas, Otto dislocated his left elbow.  No rough housing, silliness, or fit throwing was going on, Chris was helping him stand up to put on his shirt and somehow the joint slipped out of it's socket.

We didn't know exactly what was wrong, but Otto was unconsolable and wasn't even tempted by the idea of dessert, so we jumped in the car and headed to Urgent Care. Once in his car seat, his arm was pretty immobilized and he was able to calm down enough to tell us that "All-low, owie." :(
He did such a great job being brave and let the doctor examine his arm. The doctor was very calm and gentle with him. Sadly, this had happened to one of her little girls three times! Once when her pre-k teacher was simply helping her get started down a slide by pulling her forward using her arms. She said that some children's ligaments have more mobile attachments that make them prone to dislocation, or nursemaid's elbow. As they mature, it becomes less likely.
While we waited for our turn in the x-ray room, he created a masterpiece on the back of the insurance paperwork using his right (non-donminant) hand.
The x-ray ruled out any breaks thank goodness. Isn't that the most darling little film you've ever seen? I never want to see it again.
Meri was a trooper and watching all the proceedings from the k-tan.
The fix was pretty simple, but it definitely hurt. The doctor just popped the joint back into place and within three minutes he was back to normal Otto. In fact, he cried when we left because he wasn't done playing with the cool trucks.
We hit the drive-thru at In and Out for a chocolate milk shake to celebrate surviving our first, and hopefully, but not likely, last trip to the emergency room.  (At 9:00pm!)
He was thrilled to get home, and went to bed with his new little teddy bear (complements of the nurses) like nothing had happened. His Dad and I are a tiny bit more shaken up about it and will be paying quite a bit more attention to the way we pick him up in the future. No monkey bars for Otto until he is at least ten!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visit to Bryan

Okay, so lets back track a bit. A few weeks ago, while Chris was in CA, the babies and I went to Bryan to visit my sisters. I should be given an award for my skills at lunging my camera around but never actually using it, but Sarah saved the day and sent me a few to blog with, yay! Her pictures are much more awesome anyway:)

She took some photos of Otto to document him at two, these are from the splash park in her neighborhood.  This first picture is a before and after almost exactly a year a part. Absolutely nuts how much he has changed in a year; he wasn't even walking a year ago!
Now he is far too busy with running! kicking! water! to be bothered with looking anywhere near the direction of the camera.
Otto and Lincoln! (One of my sister's neighbors and Otto's future BFF)
Seeing these two play together is just so much fun. They probably couldn't be any more different, Lincoln fully investigates things before doing them while Otto dives right in. Otto narrates his every action and Lincoln is the strong silent type. And even though they are opposites, they play great together. It's so perfect that Otto has a friend to hang out with when we visit Hannah and Sarah.
While we were there Meredith started laughing (for Aunt Sarah of course--she has a magic touch when it comes to babies) and had her three month pictures taken.

We also got to go to Jory's first birthday! The theme was watermelons, and Jory's mom, Becca, did a fantastic job putting everything together.  Look how darling the cake table was, love the pink and navy color scheme!
It was so fun to meet Becca and her babies in real life and I know that Otto and Jax would be great friends if we lived anywhere close to each other. (Meredith and Jory too!) Becca blogs about her family here.
My sweet boy is getting so big!
And after the cake smash, Jory got to go for a swim to rinse off. Isn't she just darling?

And then the following weekend, Hannah and Sam came to Fort Worth to see us! They were so sweet and on my birthday babysat so that Chris and I could go on a date! (Okay, they practically had to kick me out of the house, but I did go!) We had dinner and went to see a movie. (Hope Springs the new Meryl Streep/Steve Carell film. Very cute and funny but we were the youngest in the theater by al least twenty-five years.) We both agree that date nights need to happen more often, it was so refreshing to have a slow, quiet dinner and get organized for the next few weeks. Thank you so much guys!
Sam, Meredith needs her nails trimmed again. Coming back anytime soon?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Having Babies is Exhausting

Little people wear you out. Actually having them does, and raising them REALLY does.

This picture makes me smile. My kids have a great Dad who gets up every morning for work without complaining, even after long nights, and alway makes time for them when he gets home. I took a similar picture of Chris with Otto when he was just a few months old.
Love how she is wide awake and he is just beyond tired. :) You have to seize the moment if you have a chance to nap!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Uncle Joe!

On Wednesday (while my younger siblings were at Six Flags) my Mom came to our house for lunch.  My Uncle Joe and Steve, who had just driven into town from Tulsa got to come to! It was so great to get to see them!
My babies loved getting to meet one of my Uncles. They both thought he was terrific even though it appears differently in this picture. That's Otto's how. many. more. pictures. face if you can't tell. :)

Joe and my Mom are numbers three and four in their family and were often confused as twins while growing up, you can definitely see the family resemblance.

Come back any time, we loved getting to visit!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zoo Day

This morning the babies and I got a little brave and went to the zoo! It helped that my Mom had spent the night in Arlington (younger siblings are doing the Six Flags/Hurricane Harbor thing. A word of advice from Michael? Don't ride Mr. Freeze twice if you have a weak stomach:-/) and promised to meet us there to be an extra set of hands. The weather was forecasted to be in the low nineties, which is pretty cool for Texas in August, so we loaded up the car and went! I'm so glad we did, it turned out to be overcast and the temperature never got above 85, perfect zoo weather! (Jess, I told you we were going to do it!)

This post should probably be called, 'Pictures of Otto Climbing on Fences', because most of the photos are of him trying to find a way into the enclosures!
Meredith was a total trooper, I was SO proud of her. She is just a really sweet baby and did a fantastic job being happy in her carseat.  She even napped and ate well, go baby girl!
Elephants! He tried to convince them to 'Come here' by extending a blade of grass.
Giraffes and giant koi (maybe?), and again with the fence climbing. :)
Happy girl! She has really started teething, but has been handling it well so far. Her poor little mouth is starting to break out from all the extra drool and acidic saliva.
I think the giraffes were her favorites:)

There was a baby giraffe! So cute, and it kept running in circles around all the others. We learned after getting home, that she was only 19 days old.
Cows! He wasn't as thrilled about seeing this calf as I would have expected. Probably because it wouldn't come when called. Very wise calf. That, or because it was a Longhorn.
Bears! It was hard to get him to move on to the next exhibit, I had to keep promising there would be more. He would have stayed at the gorilla enclosure (right inside the entrance) the entire time we were there if I'd have let him.
The face you get when you stop his adventuring for a picture of his face instead of the back of his head.  I think we will see a lot of this face when he is a teenager.
Otto and my Mom watching "The Lonestar Mystery". Otto volunteered to be a helper on stage but I'm so glad that the zoo keepers didn't pick him, they had the kids hold a snake!
This was just gross. Look how big that crocodile is! Otto didn't bat an eyelash.
And a little before and after. Me and both my babies! (Here is the before, I just realized that Otto is wearing the same shirt! Ha!)
We had a great time and will definitely being using our membership a lot when the weather cools down. If only to convince Otto that the hippos really aren't giant turtles;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She Rolls!

Look what our big girl can do! No less exciting with the second kid; so very proud of her! She has disliked tummy time since the beginning, but today was fine with it and promptly learned a new skill.

And yes, she is in a boy sleeper and laying on Otto's favorite lovey. And before she rolled over she was playing with a dinosaur. Poor little second child.

Monday, August 13, 2012

And Then Lydia Took a Break From Blogging...

Not on purpose of course, it just seemed to happen. We've been busy, and I've been really, really exhausted for no reason other than having two kids in two years who seem to enjoy keeping me awake at all hours, day and night. Don't worry, I have caffeine on my side. I will win.

At least that's what I keeping chanting to myself. If the internet crowd wanted to chime in with a building 'Ly-di-a, Ly-di-a, Ly-di-a!' and convince Starbucks to start delivering I would be most grateful. :)

But I digress, I'm back and better than ever. Literally. My sweetheart of a husband got me a new computer for my birthday! It's a Mac so I'm slowly learning how to close windows (are they even called that?) on the left side of the screen, and to type on a smaller keyboard. But it's beautiful and fun, and I will definitely be spending more time in front of the computer now. (Like that was the problem before--ha!)

So what have we been up to these last two weeks? Well, we (the babies and I) road-tripped it down to Bryan and stayed a few day with Hannah and Sarah while Chris spent some buddy time with his BFF in California. I had a birthday (26 going on ancient!), we went to the children's museum, and Hannah and Sam came to visit us. See? Plenty to blog about, just not enough hours in the day. I had good intentions coming out my ears yesterday, but when I sat down to blog a HUGE thunderstorm moved through the area and knocked out the power. It was a rough six hours before it came back on. Let me just say manually pumping for a baby who will. not. nurse. is for the birds. Otto and Meredith took it in stride, and I would even venture to say they enjoyed sleeping stripped down to their diapers and having dinner (thank you gas grill) on the back porch to catch the last of the light. But you better believe I was thanking Jesus at 1:30am when the lights came back on. I was in a slight panic that all the breast milk in the freezer would melt and we would be knocking on friends doors begging for a shower this morning. I tend to lean towards the dramatic in case you haven't noticed.

Also? Power outage after a storm would be the perfect time to commit a crime. Seriously, you could just park in a neighborhood, watch people leave with an overnight bag on their shoulder, then waltz right in and take what ever you wanted. Security systems are down, street and flood lights are out, and you would know that they weren't home. Easy peasy. If I hadn't become a SAHM, I think I would have gone with World's Best Criminal.
Watching the storm. "Funder! Rain, shower? Kiss, hug!" He loves storms, must be my kid:)
Now, as soon as I figure out how to upload pictures to this fancy smancy machine and get my kidlets to nap at the same time expect some posts people! With Sarah pictures, because totally didn't take any while we were visiting. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Month and Two Year Checkups

Just recording their stats were I can always find them:)

Height- 37 3/4 inches, as the pediatrician put it, in the 95th++%(according to the internet calculators out there, he's on track to be 6 foot 6 inches! Wow wee!)
Weight-29 pounds even. Holding steady in the 60%

He did great, only a little concerned when the doctor was examining Meri. And when the phlebotomist pricked his finger (iron test) he didn't even flinch! She was probably the best tech we'd ever had and was wearing a watch that started flashing colored lights when she pricked his finger.

Height-23 3/4 inches, 60th percentile
Weight-12 pounds even, 30th percentile

Obviously, I'm not super excited about these numbers. She's still falling on the growth curves, but the pedi has decided not to be worried. She's happy, sleeps well, is active and alert. He gave us a goal of at least 20 ounces a day, or 80-90 calories per kilogram of weight. (twenty ounces would only put her at 73 cal/kg, so still a little short) Right now she takes 18-22 ounces a day, with anything over twenty happening two or three times a week.

I love her just the way she is, but is so frustrating to battle with her over eating. If she's full she starts spitting it back at you; when she's done she's done. This is where I apologize to my Mom for having to feed me bites until I was like, seven. Sorry Mom, I get it now!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meredith is Three Months Old!

This little girl is growing quickly! Not much in size but definitely in personality, she is a very happy baby who loves to talk and flirt and snuggle. 
While she doesn't do the best job eating, 18-22 ounces at best, she is a terrific sleeper. Nap time is generally pretty easy, swaddle, pacifier, and a fan running for white noise is all she needs. If she is over stimulated or fussy she wants you to sit with her while she drifts off, but that's not a hassle at all; snuggling with Meri is the best! At night, after a dream feed about 11:00pm, she sleeps until four or five am. A quick feed and then she sleeps until a little after 8:00am. 
Tummy time has been a little better this month. She can get her face off the floor now! Her neck muscles seem to be loosening up finally which I think has made the biggest difference for her.
She's the happiest when someone is talking to her or when you pull out the cell phone camera. Over the last week she has been enjoying the playmat and has learned to use her feet to activated the lights on the bouncy seat.
She may not be growing at warp speed but the hair definitely is:) She likes to play with it while drinking her bottle. It has a mind of it's own and even if you comb it flat to her head after a bath it finds a way to get BIG. Tonight, after her bath, I brushed it into a faux-hawk; she likes to be stylin' for Dr. Elliot. (Weight check in the morning.)
Daddy is probably her favorite. They carry on conversations that mainly consist of Meredith cooing/shrieking and Chris calling her the cutest little girl ever.

Looking at that hair blowing in the breeze, too funny!

Two of my very, very favorite people.