Monday, July 2, 2012

Two Month Stats

Otherwise titled: Lydia's Mental Breakdown.

Meredith's two month check up with the pediatrician was today. Both she and Otto were very well behaved and while she continues to excel in the height department, she dropped to the 50% for weight (10 pounds 12 ounces). She dropped almost 25% in the last three weeks. I'm bummed that I was so distracted by her weight that I didn't get her height, but I do remember the nurse saying she was still in the 90th percentile.

This. is. not. cool. Babies should be fat and only climb the growth charts. The end. 
The pediatrician wasn't as freaked out as I was. He said she looked great, except for her performance on the growth curve, and is hitting all of her milestones, but he did say if we want to wake her in the middle of the night for an extra feed we could and then let the sentence trail off. He does want to see her at three months (instead of her next scheduled visit at four months) for a weight check:-/

I feel like we are failing her somewhere. I'm oddly grateful that she takes a bottle; I know exactly what she is getting. (15-18 ounces a day) I'm not sure how to help her gain at a faster rate, she won't eat past full or for comfort. When she is done, she's done, and starts spitting the milk out. Maybe smaller meals more frequently? Right now she drinks two ounces at morning feeds and then takes three or four at the afternoon and evening feeds. I've been giving her a dream feed at about 11:30 which will definitely be continued.

She doesn't seem to be hungry. Over the last two weeks she's really started to develop a routine, napping well and being super smiley during awake periods. Calm and happy.

A couple of ice cream cones later (can you make breast milk more calorie rich?) I'm much calmer about the whole situation. She has earned an eating spreadsheet, complements of her Dad, and we will watching her eating habits closely. In a month we go in for another weight check to see if she starts to hold her own on the growth curve or continues to slide down.
Otto was very helpful, he even cleaned the floor with wipes he swiped from the diaper bag.
 She also got her first shots today. How sad do these little legs look? :(

She has been handling them very well, and took her Tylenol like a champ. She took a great nap this afternoon. (Unswaddled!)
We think she is perfect and will love her just the same, skinny or plump, but I don't want her to be lacking in the nutrition category. I am very, very ready to get this figured out.


  1. 2 cents from the peanut gallery.......
    You can make breast milk more calorie dense.
    To do this you pump before she feeds (fore milk is let down first, considered it a drink for thirst) after you have pumped try nursing.
    Two things happen. First she gets hind milk (the milk with the highest butterfat & calories)
    Second you avoid that big let down that comes to quickly for Meri Mae.
    We'll be praying you two get this sorted out.
    You are a very good Mom and she is a very good baby. :D

  2. +1 to Judy!

    First off, HUGS!!

    Lydia don't worry, if it were a REALLY big deal, her doctor would have said start supplementing her w/formula, and probably a special one at that.

    Fat babies aren't all that's cracked up to be. Although they are cute, it's not really healthy. Think of overweight adults.

    And hey, maybe she'll just be a lil miss petite thing. Ask your mom how your stats were at her age.

    I know it's hard to not worry, but don't give yourself an ulcer worrying about it, k? The doctor isn't, you shouldn't be either. :-)