Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Roof!

This is our cute little house. 
Complete with cute toddler creating chalk masterpieces on the front walk.
Let me just stop there and exclaim about how much our little tree has grown. (Three months shy of two years ago.) Good job little tree!
Today our house got a little bit of a facelift. In the past few months we've have a few severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that where accompanied by hail. The damage to our roof was enough to warrant a replacement, (Ack! There goes the fund to flatten the back yard.) and this morning it happened!

Halfway done!
The crew that did the work was very quick, it took them about six and a half hours start to finish. I guess if I was working outside in the July heat I would want to finish quickly too!

The babies and I took an early morning trip to Target to escape the rather loud banging. (Otto LOVED it and would have climbed the ladder with a hammer if they'd let him.)

Meri girl. She did SO well in her car seat today. First trip with no crying what so ever!
Otto man. He got a new chair from the summer clearance section and is pumped. It's a lawn chair, but I think he is going to want to keep it inside. 
 And what early morning shopping trip is complete without coffee? (Question: Why does caffeine make the day so much easier? And why do I ever try to go without it?)
After! We had a more wind resistant shingle installed as in our area wind is generally the culprit for damage. Hopefully we have no more roof issues.

My absence in blogging was because Meri and Otto both came down with a cold. For Otto it was pretty minor, but poor Meredith ran a fever and was pretty stuffy for several days. She also hasn't been eating well:( Thankfully, it appears that they are past the worst of it, Lord willing her appetite will return soon! I already stress about her leanness enough. 
Such a cheerful kid, even when she feels yucky.

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