Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melissa Gets Married {Our Trip to Austin}

My sweet friend Melissa got married last Friday. The wedding was in Austin and we drove down Friday morning to attend. Meri and Otto were fantastic travelers, Meredith actually slept and Otto watched a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba as he rarely sleeps in the car. I was a little scattered and poor Chris got to suffer for it, but he humored me and even stopped at Ikea when I asked:) 

Sharon, Me, Meri, and Melissa! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and was held at a beautiful location in the hill country.
Melissa and I met in hygiene school. Sharon was a classmate too, and so were these girls--Ginney, Jana, and Kelly. It was GREAT to get to see everyone again!
Note to self: Never be closest to the camera!
I, of course, forgot my camera but Chris saved the day with his iPhone and took a few pictures so the night wouldn't be completely undocumented. He also wrangled Otto during the outdoor ceremony and kept him entertained during the reception which is no easy feat. Chris is now head over heals for the hill country (could he get anymore similar to Dad?!), and told me he was considering requesting a transfer so we could move. (Eating on the dock at the Hula Hut might have helped him make his decision.)
On the way back to the hotel we stopped for gas, and because Otto had been requesting milk all afternoon I ran in and bought him some. Unfortunately they only had chocolate--Otto was thrilled and chugged about 12 ounces. It made bedtime extra interesting. See one year old bouncing off the walls. Meri thought sleeping in a hotel was awesome;)
Her nickname really fits her personality, she is a very merry girl!
We stayed downtown and in the morning walked two blocks to explore the capitol. 
It really is a beautiful building, the architecture always amazes me. Otto discovered the acoustics and kept squawking and yelping to hear the echos:)
Inside the dome looking up.
 Otto loves a good stroller ride, but he also loves to RUN!
His target? The monument with cows! and a goat!
 Meri slept through most of our tour:)
On the way home we stopped in Waco to break up the trip. We got to visit with friends, Ryan, Lisette, and their daughter Bella. We tried our best to pass the baby bug on, and I think we might have succeed;)
It was a great trip, but traveling with little people is exhausting! I'm good in the trip department for at least six months.


  1. Yum Chuy's! And your babies are so beautiful, Lydia! You should come to Austin more often so we can actually meet, since I feel like we already have, lol. ;)

    1. Yes! I almost email to set something up but then I realized you would still be on vacation--next time for sure!