Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Otto!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Otto turning two. TWO! It's amazing how quickly these last two years have happened.

I really didn't have it together and failed to plan a party for our little guy, so we just spent the day at home with some fun birthday surprises. After he fell asleep the night before, Chris and I filled his room with balloons. Hearing his little voice over the monitor saying, 'Yeah! Wow!', made the dizziness from blowing up 72 balloons totally worth it!

My camera was on a crazy setting, but this is the face I opened the door too. He couldn't wait to get out of his crib!
We've played with the balloons pretty much non stop for the last two days, they were such a hit. Surprisingly, none have popped yet. 
We had a little bit of a day on the eve of his birthday, so we didn't go to the zoo to test out the family membership that we got him as a present like I had planned. My faith in my 'handling two at once skills' was a little shaken, but we had a great day at home none the less. Otto had his favorite foods, oatmeal and blackberries for breakfast, chicken with ketchup for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner!
I had to add the next two pictures, total sweetness! He LOVES his baby doll and has named her Meri Mae. He feeds her, teaches her how to ride his bike and type, and puts her 'night-night'. He insisted that she eat with him and even tucked her into the booster seat next two his leg.
After dinner he opened his presents. I meant to let him open a few at breakfast, but in the awesomeness of the balloons I forgot. My parents sent him a stuffed monkey that has a lovey inside it. He was so impressed that it was a 'mon-tee' and a blanket!
One of his presents was a slip'n'slide. Our backyard is rather, ahem, steep, which normally is just a hassle, but it made a perfect slope to slide down.
It took him about two seconds to warm up to the idea. He had a blast and didn't want to go inside for cake and ice cream. I think he would have stayed out all night if that had been an option. :) It wasn't long before the guys started getting creative. Otto went down the hill on his back, stomach, face first, feet first, you name it, they tried it.And when that got old they added soap to increase the slipperiness and make bubbles!
 So much fun, here's a little video. 
(I have no idea how to flip it--sorry!)

We were finally able to convince him to come inside (Otto, where's Meredith? Let's go check on Meri. Low I know, but it worked.) He did great blowing out the candles, and loved having his own bowl of ice cream.
Wonderful day celebrating our little man! We are so glad that we get to enjoy him everyday, and are so blessed to be his parents. 

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