Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Joss!

Our sweet little friend Joss celebrated her birthday today! She is just two days younger than Otto and had an adorable party.
The theme was Pancakes and Pajamas and her Mom, Kala, really did a fantastic job putting it all together. Everyone came in their pajamas and they served breakfast. I need to have her plan parties for my kids! Then maybe it would actually happen, ha!

One of the activities was a donut eating contest were the kids where supposed to only use their mouths.
And to his credit Otto did try, once, which is more than I thought. You dangle cake in front of this boy and things get real.
He quickly decided to get serious and tore the donut in two and started chowing down.
Then he climbed up in a chaise lounge to enjoy the spoils and watch the other kids finish the game correctly. He really cracks me up.

Kane playing in the bounce house!

Sweet little Liv!
Otto gave Joss a magna doodle. It's one of his very favorite toys right now and we hope she will enjoy it too!
Meri did really well and I was quite surprised at how long she was able to stay awake. Apparently our girl likes to party. :)
She eventually did crash however and napped in the K-tan. I love that she falls asleep so easily and likes to be snuggled!
Happy, happy birthday Joss!

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