Friday, July 20, 2012

Children's Museum

I don't like losing and sadly more than once this week I have definitely lost.Otto has been demanding quite a bit more discipline lately and it's just been hard. At the end of the day it was Kids:27, Mommy:0.  

No bueno. No, no bueno.

So yesterday and today at nap time I drank somewhere near a pot of coffee and gotten things done. Prepped dinner, dishes, laundry, all the everyday stuff that has to happen. It worked, and at the end of the day I was the (still wired) winner! The dining room blinds even got a thorough cleaning. Woohoo! Exciting times.

Not everyday has been so tough this week, on Tuesday we went to the Fort Worth Children's Museum with Charlotte and her Mommy. It was so much fun! Otto was overwhelmed with all the awesomeness and didn't slow down the entire time we were there. I only got one picture of Charlotte and Otto together because they were both so, so busy playing with all. the. things!
Otto, mechanically minded kid that he is, was quite enraptured by the grocery conveyor belt.
Charlotte actually put it to use and checked her groceries out:) 
He told me that this baby's name was Meri Mae and carried her around for quite awhile, burping and loving on her. Love how he picked the baby with hair.
After he giving her a bath they went for a spin in the ambulance:)
So much fun!
Thank you for inviting us Jess, it really was the highlight of our week!

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