Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Kid Bed!

Otto is sleeping in a toddler bed!

I was completely into leaving him in the crib until he was able to climb out but unfortunately, we've been having some difficulty keeping him in a diaper let alone clothes. He is determined to potty train (yikes! I'm not ready for this!) and takes it upon himself to change his own diapers or strip naked and run to the bathroom at the slightest urge. If you can't find Otto he is most likely trying his best in the bathroom. While I love his determination and independence, (and am excited to only have one in diapers) I'm nervous about the actual process.

So today we transitioned his crib into a toddler bed to give him the ability to get up if he needs to--I am hoping this works, we are very, very, very tired of having to scrub down his bed. One more time and it will probably have to be repainted.

At nap time he only had to be reminded once that it was time to sleep not play and he fell asleep immediately at bedtime. He was definitely ready for this! So far it's been more stressful to me I think, but a little chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream after dinner helped quite a bit:)

Here are pictures from nap time. Looking so big and about five minutes later:)

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