Thursday, July 5, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

We had our Bradley friends over to play today! Not sure why I still categorize them in my mind as 'Bradley friends' but I do.

With seven babies two and under (Soon to be eight! Just waiting on the second little Miss Connelly.), it was fun and chaotic and busy. But mostly fun! I didn't even attempt to take pictures but here is a little video of the fun:)
Busy for sure, with little people going in every direction, but it's always fun to see everyone and compare notes on how all of the sudden the older set have turned into two year olds,  and all that comes with their sudden need for independence.

Then this afternoon we got a visit from Anna, her little girl Adeline, and her brothers! Anna lives in Indiana now so getting to see her was a treat! Her little one is darling and full of energy--she reminds me of Otto, except she is more mobile at a younger age. She is definitley going to keep her mother on the move!
They came to DFW to help her oldest youngest brother (follow that?) move into his new apartment. Luke recently graduated from nursing school and will be working at a hospital about twenty minutes from us. 
He's great with babies and can also play sports! I'm excited, now I can set up playdates for Chris too! I mean, manly sporting events;)

PS: When Otto woke up from his nap today I asked him if he would like to watch Muno (Yo Gabba Gabba) while I cooked dinner. His response? "No! Chores, vacuum." Seriously, this kid is the oddest duck I know. (He ended up helping cook. And yes, 99% of his sentences start with No! right now.)

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  1. That is hilarious that he said that about chores!! Cute pictures. :)