Monday, July 30, 2012


The Olympics are big at our house! Swimming is probably the favorite, but gymnastics are always fun to watch and I know that Chris is looking forward to seeing the track and field events. Every night we've been having a mini watch party:)
Meri showing her support for her favorite swimmer--this girl is going to be trouble!
Let's go USA!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Kid Bed!

Otto is sleeping in a toddler bed!

I was completely into leaving him in the crib until he was able to climb out but unfortunately, we've been having some difficulty keeping him in a diaper let alone clothes. He is determined to potty train (yikes! I'm not ready for this!) and takes it upon himself to change his own diapers or strip naked and run to the bathroom at the slightest urge. If you can't find Otto he is most likely trying his best in the bathroom. While I love his determination and independence, (and am excited to only have one in diapers) I'm nervous about the actual process.

So today we transitioned his crib into a toddler bed to give him the ability to get up if he needs to--I am hoping this works, we are very, very, very tired of having to scrub down his bed. One more time and it will probably have to be repainted.

At nap time he only had to be reminded once that it was time to sleep not play and he fell asleep immediately at bedtime. He was definitely ready for this! So far it's been more stressful to me I think, but a little chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream after dinner helped quite a bit:)

Here are pictures from nap time. Looking so big and about five minutes later:)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Joss!

Our sweet little friend Joss celebrated her birthday today! She is just two days younger than Otto and had an adorable party.
The theme was Pancakes and Pajamas and her Mom, Kala, really did a fantastic job putting it all together. Everyone came in their pajamas and they served breakfast. I need to have her plan parties for my kids! Then maybe it would actually happen, ha!

One of the activities was a donut eating contest were the kids where supposed to only use their mouths.
And to his credit Otto did try, once, which is more than I thought. You dangle cake in front of this boy and things get real.
He quickly decided to get serious and tore the donut in two and started chowing down.
Then he climbed up in a chaise lounge to enjoy the spoils and watch the other kids finish the game correctly. He really cracks me up.

Kane playing in the bounce house!

Sweet little Liv!
Otto gave Joss a magna doodle. It's one of his very favorite toys right now and we hope she will enjoy it too!
Meri did really well and I was quite surprised at how long she was able to stay awake. Apparently our girl likes to party. :)
She eventually did crash however and napped in the K-tan. I love that she falls asleep so easily and likes to be snuggled!
Happy, happy birthday Joss!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Slip'n'slide Fun!

Will came to visit today! Otto enjoyed having a buddy to play with on the slip'n'slide. (Meredith and Sloane enjoyed napping in the air conditioned house.)
These two are so cute together. They speak their own little language, and are always cracking each other up. It's just adorable to watch. And check out those buff bods, future models for sure;)
Will is a little less of a dare devil than Otto but still gave the slide a shot.
And Otto of course was finding ways to scoot himself down even when there wasn't a mom close enough to give him a push. He really likes it, hopefully it lasts a few more days.
Fun day! Thanks for coming to play guys!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Otto!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Otto turning two. TWO! It's amazing how quickly these last two years have happened.

I really didn't have it together and failed to plan a party for our little guy, so we just spent the day at home with some fun birthday surprises. After he fell asleep the night before, Chris and I filled his room with balloons. Hearing his little voice over the monitor saying, 'Yeah! Wow!', made the dizziness from blowing up 72 balloons totally worth it!

My camera was on a crazy setting, but this is the face I opened the door too. He couldn't wait to get out of his crib!
We've played with the balloons pretty much non stop for the last two days, they were such a hit. Surprisingly, none have popped yet. 
We had a little bit of a day on the eve of his birthday, so we didn't go to the zoo to test out the family membership that we got him as a present like I had planned. My faith in my 'handling two at once skills' was a little shaken, but we had a great day at home none the less. Otto had his favorite foods, oatmeal and blackberries for breakfast, chicken with ketchup for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner!
I had to add the next two pictures, total sweetness! He LOVES his baby doll and has named her Meri Mae. He feeds her, teaches her how to ride his bike and type, and puts her 'night-night'. He insisted that she eat with him and even tucked her into the booster seat next two his leg.
After dinner he opened his presents. I meant to let him open a few at breakfast, but in the awesomeness of the balloons I forgot. My parents sent him a stuffed monkey that has a lovey inside it. He was so impressed that it was a 'mon-tee' and a blanket!
One of his presents was a slip'n'slide. Our backyard is rather, ahem, steep, which normally is just a hassle, but it made a perfect slope to slide down.
It took him about two seconds to warm up to the idea. He had a blast and didn't want to go inside for cake and ice cream. I think he would have stayed out all night if that had been an option. :) It wasn't long before the guys started getting creative. Otto went down the hill on his back, stomach, face first, feet first, you name it, they tried it.And when that got old they added soap to increase the slipperiness and make bubbles!
 So much fun, here's a little video. 
(I have no idea how to flip it--sorry!)

We were finally able to convince him to come inside (Otto, where's Meredith? Let's go check on Meri. Low I know, but it worked.) He did great blowing out the candles, and loved having his own bowl of ice cream.
Wonderful day celebrating our little man! We are so glad that we get to enjoy him everyday, and are so blessed to be his parents. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

First Pony Tail!

Hehehehehe. :)
That Ladies and Gentlemen, is a pony tail on a two month old. The cute just kills me.

Meredith wasn't quite as excited as I was, but don't worry, she'll soon realize how incredibly awesome pony tails, pig tails, and braids are. Oh my gosh, braids! I wonder if it's long enough yet....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Children's Museum

I don't like losing and sadly more than once this week I have definitely lost.Otto has been demanding quite a bit more discipline lately and it's just been hard. At the end of the day it was Kids:27, Mommy:0.  

No bueno. No, no bueno.

So yesterday and today at nap time I drank somewhere near a pot of coffee and gotten things done. Prepped dinner, dishes, laundry, all the everyday stuff that has to happen. It worked, and at the end of the day I was the (still wired) winner! The dining room blinds even got a thorough cleaning. Woohoo! Exciting times.

Not everyday has been so tough this week, on Tuesday we went to the Fort Worth Children's Museum with Charlotte and her Mommy. It was so much fun! Otto was overwhelmed with all the awesomeness and didn't slow down the entire time we were there. I only got one picture of Charlotte and Otto together because they were both so, so busy playing with all. the. things!
Otto, mechanically minded kid that he is, was quite enraptured by the grocery conveyor belt.
Charlotte actually put it to use and checked her groceries out:) 
He told me that this baby's name was Meri Mae and carried her around for quite awhile, burping and loving on her. Love how he picked the baby with hair.
After he giving her a bath they went for a spin in the ambulance:)
So much fun!
Thank you for inviting us Jess, it really was the highlight of our week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a slow weekend at our house, the only thing we left the house to do was wash the cars. Chris followed me to the drive-thru wash and then Otto hopped in the front seat of the Corolla so he could have a front row seat for all the action. Chris and I took turns holding Meri so we both had a chance to vacuum out all the crumbs. 
Otto was happy to sit and watch:) 
Saturday evening he insisted on eating his sandwich whole, no bite sized peices for him! Our little boy is getting big!
This afternoon a sudden thunderstorm moved through the area (Yay for rain!) and Otto and I were watching the rain through the front bedroom window. I tried to raise the blinds for a better view and the awful things fell! Otto is now sporting a shiner:( It definitely bothered him at first, but now he thinks it's cool to check it out in the mirror. Tough man for sure.
I have pictures of Otto wearing this sleeper....when he was four weeks old! Sweet Meredith is two days shy of ten weeks. She is such a peanut.
She had another flare up of cradle cap and I slathered on some coconut oil in hopes of curing it. The oil definitely made it slough, hopefully it won't come back! She looked so funny with greasy hair that I asked Chris to take her picture. He didn't understand why I thought it was so funny. "Umm Babe? It's not exactly flattering..." Ha! I think it's hilarious, and I think this picture will look great on her fortieth birthday cake.
Getting her hair styled like Alafalfa was exhausting and she crashed immediately after her bath.
And that was our weekend. Slow and relaxed:) Hope yours was wonderful too!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Roof!

This is our cute little house. 
Complete with cute toddler creating chalk masterpieces on the front walk.
Let me just stop there and exclaim about how much our little tree has grown. (Three months shy of two years ago.) Good job little tree!
Today our house got a little bit of a facelift. In the past few months we've have a few severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that where accompanied by hail. The damage to our roof was enough to warrant a replacement, (Ack! There goes the fund to flatten the back yard.) and this morning it happened!

Halfway done!
The crew that did the work was very quick, it took them about six and a half hours start to finish. I guess if I was working outside in the July heat I would want to finish quickly too!

The babies and I took an early morning trip to Target to escape the rather loud banging. (Otto LOVED it and would have climbed the ladder with a hammer if they'd let him.)

Meri girl. She did SO well in her car seat today. First trip with no crying what so ever!
Otto man. He got a new chair from the summer clearance section and is pumped. It's a lawn chair, but I think he is going to want to keep it inside. 
 And what early morning shopping trip is complete without coffee? (Question: Why does caffeine make the day so much easier? And why do I ever try to go without it?)
After! We had a more wind resistant shingle installed as in our area wind is generally the culprit for damage. Hopefully we have no more roof issues.

My absence in blogging was because Meri and Otto both came down with a cold. For Otto it was pretty minor, but poor Meredith ran a fever and was pretty stuffy for several days. She also hasn't been eating well:( Thankfully, it appears that they are past the worst of it, Lord willing her appetite will return soon! I already stress about her leanness enough. 
Such a cheerful kid, even when she feels yucky.