Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Company

Chris' parents are here to visit! They brought Angela, and our niece Addison, who is visiting them for the summer, with them as well. Otto and Addy are having a great time, and they both are being very sweet to Meredith.
Addy is a wild woman. Well, not wild but inquisitive and fast! She makes Otto appear downright stoic, and he is anything but. She also makes him look like a beast (which he is) by comparison, she is a tiny little thing.
This girl has moves and can dance like nobody's business--so cute. And her pigtails, love! I can't wait until Meredith can sport a pair, maybe next week;)
Addy is skilled on the trampoline; she can really bounce. Look at that air! Otto hasn't quite figured it out yet, maybe she'll will be able to teach him.

There have been lots of hugs today, these two are great friends:) 

We tried for a picture of Lisa with all of her grandbabies but it did not work. We'll have to try again tomorrow!

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