Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today in Pictures

I got my teeth cleaned today (So relaxing, I was close to falling asleep! Laying still for more than about thirty seconds does that to me these days.), and Chris used his lunch hour to watch both kiddos during my appointment. Quite the feat entertaining Otto in non-toddler proof waiting room while wearing Meredith in the sling. (The car seat is still not her friend) He did a great job, and both babies were very well behaved.
On the way home, because they were both still happy, we stopped at Trader Joe's! It just opened last weekend, and I have been dying to check it out. Grocery stores are my thing! 
It definitely lived up to my grand expectations; very much like Central Market's smaller hippie cousin. Not the most budget friendly place to shop but they did have some good deals, and lots of interesting organic products. We will be going back. Often. 

Check out the loot! Butternut squash ravioli! Tangerine juice! Prunes! (Otto was calling them cake and asking for more. I told him only if he goes tee-tee in the potty because they are a special treat. Is that mean? Potty training with dried fruit for treats? I'm looking at you Judy Giles!)
Tonight for dinner we had Southwest Chili Con Queso Bake. Definite win, Chris got thirds and even Otto ate it. Pinterest has really been coming through this week with the recipes. Otto and I have made granola bars twice this week using this recipe. They are fabulous, and are very, very similar to Quaker Chewy bars.
This kid really is a mess. I was tidying up the kitchen while he ate and, because he knew that I wasn't completely paying attention to what he was doing, he turned his applesauce bowl into a hat.
I just realized this post only has Otto pictures. In my defense, it's difficult to take pictures of the baby while wearing her in the K-tan. But here is a photo from this afternoon, she's a keeper! 

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