Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Central Market We Go!

Meredith took her first trip to Central Market today! 
Otto has his first trip when he was roughly the same age, and is now an old pro. 
In the produce department he paid his quarter to the piggy bank in the kid's treat bin and picked out a mandarin orange to snack on while we shopped. When half of it dropped on the ground he was crushed and we quickly found another quarter to go buy another. The produce manager saw what happened and brought Otto a baby banana. Very sweet gesture and Otto loved having a banana AND an orange.
Otto recommended 'phish!' for dinner, so that's what we brought. We grilled red snapper marinated in chile mango olive oil  and balsamic vinegar and it was delicious!

Sidenote here: Fish is Otto's latest word, but when he first started using it I didn't understand what he was saying. It sounded suspiciously like b***h! Chris and I don't cuss, and I have been working on cleaning words like crap and darn from my vocabulary because our little man copies everything we say. So needless to say, I was horrified and racking my brain on where he could have picked it up. I tried asking if he had an itch, thinking maybe he would use that word instead, but he just looked at me like I'd grown two heads and said, 'Phish, wah-wer!' Ah. gotcha Buddy, Mommy understands now. Phew!

Look what they had! We may have to buy some for Otto's birthday:)


  1. Awww yes, those words that sound like curse words lol. Yeah you also have to be mindful of the shows you and Chris watch, while Otto is around. It seems no show is curse word free anymore. (sigh) Along w/that, church groups (nursery etc), his lil friend's houses, down the line.

  2. You should let me know next time you're over here...I live right behind CM!