Friday, June 1, 2012

One Month Old!

A month has already flown by! Meredith has changed quite a bit in just four (very) short weeks. She now tracks you with her eyes, is much more animated with her arms and legs, is sleeping longer and eating more, and just this week developed a pretty decent grip.

Baby acne has really flared up in the last few days, but you have to document the good as well as the bad, right? The sleeping pictures were taken on Tuesday and the outside picture on Friday. I thought she had made it past the break out stage and it hit her again. Poor girl.

Her hair is, obviously, still amazing. I hope she keeps it, but over the last few days I've found a few little two inch hairs around the house. 
She still seems so small to me but must be growing--She moved up to a size one diaper a few days ago, and a few of her newborn outfits are already too small. I tried to squeeze her into a little pink pair of pants yesterday and couldn't get them over her chubby little thighs! (Don't worry Sweetie, Mommy has the same problem...although cellulite is a lot cuter on you.)

She hates to be dirty and will let you know if she needs a diaper change, which is a good thing because most of the time she is a stealth pooper. 
The pacifier and swaddle are still her best friends and she takes a bottle like a champ, three ounces at a time. In fact, I think she prefers it to nursing, so we will be bottle free for the next few weeks to ensure our nursing relationship doesn't suffer. She is no where near the aggressive nurser that her older brother was, and if the milk comes out to fast or slow she gets her feels hurt. If the flow is too fast she simply pulls off, spits out everything in her mouth, and waits for you to clean her face before continuing. Otto would just chug though, choking half the time but never letting go:) At night she is sleeping in 3.5 hour segments, those two blissful nights of seven hours were only teasers of what's to come. 

We have a doctors appointment on Monday, so I'll update with her stats then.

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