Monday, June 4, 2012

One Month Checkup

Meredith had her second visit to the pediatrician this morning. She was (surprisingly) very content in the car on the way and slept until we got into the exam room. Yay Meri! Otto was (also surprisingly, he's normally a very happy guy, especially when we are in public) in tears though when we got to the doctor's. He was crying because he was hurting, but everyone in the waiting room thought it was out of fear of the doctor. He got lots of reassuring looks and comments, and even the nurse offered him a new pair of sunglasses (gash-shs!). Little do they know that Otto isn't afraid of much! His troubles turned out to be caused by some intestinal distress, and thankfully Chris had met us at the office and was able to take Otto outside to get cleaned up (too many blueberries and possibly a crayon-yikes!) and calm down. He quickly got back to his normal self.
Double Decker stroller! (Only photo I took. It's harder to document things when you are outnumbered. And poor Otto was not having a good moment.)

Miss Meredith is doing great. Here are her stats:

Height: 22 1/2 inches, 90% (up 25% from birth)
Weight: 9 pounds and 8.5 ounces, 75% (same as birth)
Head circumference: 15 inches, 90%

Dr. Elliot thought she looked great and his only recommendation was to continue stretching her neck muscles to release the tight attachment she has on the right side, just like her older brother. I'm thrilled that she's growing, and healthy, and doing well, but...She's not our first child.

Because I can compare her to Otto I'm a little concerned about her effectiveness at nursing. Otto gained 52 ounces in his first 36 days (insane); Meredith only gained 27 ounces in her first 34 days. Now, I realize that they are different people with their own metabolisms and I don't expect her to be her brother in any way. They are completely different with everything else, why should eating be any different? But I do expect her to be a member of the clean plate club and finish her meals at every feeding, which I don't think she does. She loves the pacifier, and prefers bottle feeding to breast. In fact, after having a bottle she will refuse to latch and gets angry over being offered a more difficult way to eat. It appears that her main complaint is having to latch and form the nipple into shape on her own. With the bottle it's done for her. She tends to be a sluggish nurser, and doesn't nurse for comfort, so getting her meals from a bottle seems to be more her style. To bad sweetie, there will be no more bottles. At least for the next few weeks, until she has decided that nursing is preferable to all else. If we have to ditch the pacifier too we will. (Please God, don't let it go that far!) 

She hasn't had a bottle since Friday and already is more aggressive while eating, re-latching on her own if needed, not having to be coaxed. I talked to our pediatrician about this and he thinks she doing just fine and growing normally. He agreed that removing the bottle from the equation for a bit would probably help and for us not to be concerned....But in true Mommy style I am just a little FREAKED OUT! I need her to be fat! I want her to gain weight at an alarming pace!

We'll see at her next appointment if this is just her natural growth pattern, or if she needed a little more encouragement to feed correctly.

(And supply isn't the issue, I could pump more than she would take when we were giving her a bottle. And we weren't offering a bottle more than the breast, she has bottle fed less than ten times.)


  1. I'd get rid of the pacifier, she doesn't need it. :-)

  2. Yeah buy Lydia might need it for sanity. Lol. I know I do! I pop that sucker in his mouth several times a night or I would just be nursing him back to sleep every hour. I am so proud of you, Lydia! You are growing a great baby. She is a girl and girls are not supposed to be as beastly as boys, right? Better a petite girl than a hulk. I miss you, girl!

  3. Isn't that just the most frustrating thing!?! None of my kids nursed the same and while I "get it/understand" that its different with each one...doesn't make it any easier. I mean it's instinct, right? Boob + milk + eat = grow? Miss Landry is not a nice nurser. Sometimes she eats for 20 minutes, sometimes 7 total. If she poops in the middle, then she's done. We had an intense two week nursing camp after her two month bday. Skin to skin nursing, no TV, no noise, no iPhone (ahhh!) and it helped. This isn't really an option for you with sweet Otto around, but just keep chugging momma and she will get it. I agree, no bottles - I made the mistake of being more concerned that Emmy eat than coaxing her back on at 9 months and ended up pumping for 3 months to finish out the year. All that to say - you are doing great! This mommy stuff is hard and sometimes hearing that you are rocking at it (especially from strangers) makes it better! And. She is beautiful!! :)