Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Nursing Drama Continues...

This morning Otto and I took Meredith back to the pediatrician to rule out any physical complications that could be causing her nursing struggles. We currently are nursing for a few minutes before she pulls off and starts crying, pulling her little legs in and then kicks them straight out. She is obviously still hungry and will re-latch only to start fussing again when she swallows. Eighty percent of feeding times end with me pumping and her finishing her meal with a bottle. (Chris picked up an electric pump last night to make this easier, let me tell you, milking yourself is just plain weird.) Yesterday she was refusing the bottle too, which she has been taking without complaint. So back to the doctor we went. A rough/tired day we can handle, but if she is having a physical problem that can be fixed we obviously want too.
She weighed 10 pounds and 2 1/2 ounces, so finishing her meals with the bottle is working. She gained over an ounce a day for the past eight days, which is the goal. I felt some major Mommy guilt over the change in her weight gain, we were starving the poor girl her first month!

Dr. Elliot checked her for a tongue tie and thrush, neither are an issue. Because she is gaining well, he doesn't feel like she is dealing with a metabolic disorder or having an adverse reaction to something in my diet. He agreed with me that her lack of spitting up doesn't rule out reflux and he witnessed first hand the general grumpiness that occurs during and after a feeding. She gets the hiccups after most meals and that along with burping makes her cry. Our new plan is to continue supplementing with the bottle and try two weeks (until her two month appointment) of an anti-acid. We have already been keeping her elevated after eating and she sleeps in the bouncy seat. Hopefully this will make her feel like eating is the bomb dot com and will allow her to grow past this problem. Anyone have any experience/advice related to relfux meds?

Otto did great and recognized that the metal sculpture outside the office was a giraffe.  While we waited for the doctor he drew pictures of puppies and wrote his name. We might have to find one of these for our house; I could spend nap-time being productive instead of scrubbing pen marks off the walls! :)


  1. I haven't had to deal w/reflux in my babies. Do you eat a lot of spicy foods? Is it dairy related? Some babies are sensitive to dairy and that can cause reflux. Lay off the dairy (none) and see if that helps.

    Praying for lil Meredith! (and mamma!)

  2. Just read this and I think I can relate: here's my experience.
    Samantha never had problems eating, but she was quite fussy as a baby.
    Isaiah was not only quite fussy but he has gone on 2 if not 3 nursing strikes - all out refuses me but would usually take a bottle. Both before and after the all out strike, it was hard to get him to eat full meals sometimes.
    While we were in all the stress of moving and not exactly having health insurance with the job change, I put him on prevacid myself, at about 2.5 months. He was MUCH happier but I felt like it was too powerful and he didn't ever seem to want to eat. Now he was pretty hefty by then already, so it probably wasn't a problem, but I stopped anyway cause you know, moms worry. THEN we went to the dr and I described everything plus that prevacid made him so much happier and she said, obviously its reflux, but also try taking dairy out of your diet. Well he started on zantac the same time I cut out dairy. He was much happier again. I have gone back and forth on weaning zantac out but when I skip too many doses, he seems to be quite a bit fussier. Also, I thought no dairy was helping, but I wasn't super strict about it. I wasn't drinking milk, eating ice cream or cheese, but if milk was listed on the ingredients far down, I'd eat it anyway. And I was still using butter to cook with. Somewhere even on zantac and mostly no dairy, he still had a nursing strike, but I resolved it much quicker because we had already gone through one that lasted almost a week.
    Anyway, a few weeks ago I got really serious about the no dairy and even got dairy free (fake) butter and he even spits up less now. Sooo, my final thoughts are that he's sensitive to dairy. Possibly/probably has reflux so I'm keeping him on Zantac for now.
    I have gotten quite a bit of advice from friends with reflux babies and some of them never had problems eating, but some did. Some fussed a lot, some didn't sleep well, some did. It seems like there is no rigid set of rules about how reflux affects babies. One good friend's baby was nursing only a little, only on one side (though she wasn't too keen on a bottle either) at around 4-5 months and thats why she kept at the dr and finally put her on zantac then prevacid. They tried weaning her off medicine at 11 months and she stopped eating as much solid food. She was finally able to wean off it sometime after her first birthday.
    I know its frustrating trying to find an answer and I know pumping (and nursing) and a toddler is a hard combination! Keep at it, you'll find what works. Good luck and let me know if you want any more stories (or suggestions on how to end a nursing strike)