Friday, June 15, 2012

My Big Kid is the Bomb

Otto is possibly the best little kid ever. (And Meredith is the best baby. My kids are amazing, didn't you know?)

We made pizza for dinner tonight. And when I say we, I mean we...Otto is INTO mixed and cooking and washing. Especially the washing. He found several ways to get his hands dirty today so we would have to wash them in the sink. Consequently, the floors were also mopped.

He was in charge of decorating the pizza, and he was very specific about where each pepperoni went. Not bad for someone who's a couple of month shy of two, right?

Yesterday we ran a few errands, (three, way too many to attempt at once) and had to get on the main road near our house that crosses over a lake. We had driven this highway two days earlier when we took Meredith to her doctor's appointment and I had pointed out the lake to Otto as we drove over it; he is fascinated by water. As soon as we merged into traffic from the feeder, still a few miles from the lake, Otto starts shouting from the back seat, 'Wah-wer, wah-wer, phish! Quack, quack!'. Rear facing car seat and all, he recognized where we were! Smart guy.

And then there's this:

He thinks that he can 'Nurse? Milk!' himself.  Oh, I can see the therapy bills piling up already.
I swear we started out the day dressed. Pinky swear.

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